Latest on Walt Disney World Resort hotel reopenings as All-Star Sports is delayed

Oct 15, 2021 in "Disney's Port Orleans Resort French Quarter"

Posted: Friday October 15, 2021 8:39am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With yesterday's reopening of Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside, only two of Walt Disney World's hotels remain closed.

Disney's All-Star Sports Resort, which was previously announced to reopen on December 9 2021, is now delayed. Disney has yet to announce a new reopening date, and impacted guests are being notified of the delay.

Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter remains on track to reopen on October 28 2021.

Walt Disney World's hotels have been reopening in phases as demand dictates since the resort reopened from the COVID-19 shutdown in summer 2020.

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UNCgolf28 days ago

Of course with the way they're jacking up prices on the values, I'm not sure how much they are for budget-conscious families now. Still cheaper than any other Disney resorts, of course, but paying nearly $200 a night (and sometimes more) for them...

ImperfectPixie28 days ago

I'd enjoy an expansion of the moderate resort offerings...but the values have their place, too. Not just for budget-conscious families, but for the children who love them and think they're super fun.

Robbiem28 days ago

I wish Disney had built more moderate hotels instead of the values. I remember carribean beach being advertised as a ‘value hotel’ when it opened and I wish they had kept to this line rather than the cheaper themed all stars etc which dont really appeal to me.

UNCgolf28 days ago

I like Riverside more, but I think Port Orleans as a whole (either Riverside or FQ) are the best overall value on Disney property. Cost far less than any of the deluxes but are themed just as much (or more in some cases), and are clearly a step above the values.

Communicora28 days ago

I was surprised how much I liked Port Orleans French Quarter. My sister chose it and it ended up being a lovely hotel. The size was really manageable and the grounds were pretty. I'd probably stay there again -- especially if I planned to spend time at Disney Springs.

Sirwalterraleigh30 days ago

You feeling ok, @Gabe1 ?? …why are we watching rain at a ghost town place that’s supposed to be “mobbed”…”for the 50th”?

Gabe130 days ago

SirwalterraleighOct 18, 2021

honestly? To make a show of it. I have a firm belief that discounting “the 50th” was decreed to be not an option long ago. Plague or no. Small discounts that don’t blunt the really aggressive decade of increases? it’s possible we are in a period of “financial reset”? Time will tell. these supply chain problems don’t help Disney either. If everyone is paying more for day to day stuff…guess what get cut out first? Painless travel costs. what I was referring to - however - was the negotiated rates that Walt Disney wholesale would give to the volume agents. They were not 25% off the Kohl’s priced rack…they were 40% or 50% often times. I believe they stopped doing that. To “send a message”

mikejs78Oct 18, 2021

So why did they continue to offer discounts through the closing of Covid and for most of the reopening except for the very beginning?

SirwalterraleighOct 18, 2021

Yes…because location, location, location it’s not what you’re served and how much…it’s where the chair is sitting on when you are ushered in and out of it. …gotta pay off that mortgage on the land bought in 1964 for $6 an acre everyone knows that 🙄

wdwmagicOct 18, 2021

It tends to be early hours - pre 7am. There have not been any special activities for the reopening.

ImperfectPixieOct 18, 2021

So Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is luxury?

SirwalterraleighOct 18, 2021

Well…that’s what I mean by #3 this is something I “heard” starting back in 2018 from people that do “wholesale travel”…also known as “travel agents” Disney’s sales people were ordered to tie off the discounts then. No more “cheap” deals. That had to come on a direct line from the Bob. The first one through the henchman second. Blue ocean. when they promise higher prices and higher yield to investors…not delivering isn’t an option. think they promised higher volume too? Or do you think they said “it’s luxury now…we want to limit attendance”? what would be more likely? Bleed it or restrict it?

mikejs78Oct 18, 2021

The weird thing to me right now is that there are no hotel discounts. It's been part of the applicable for decades, and for a soft bookings time, You would think that they do the usual discount to try to get people in.