Disney's value resort food courts to begin breakfast as early as 2:30am with the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Aug 27, 2019 in "Disney's Pop Century Resort"

Posted: Tuesday August 27, 2019 9:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The food courts at Disney's value resorts will begin operating as early as 2:30am alongside the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

August 29 will also see the start of Extra, Extra Magic Hours with Disney’s Hollywood Studios operating September 1 to November 2 2019 from 6-9am. Read more about Extra, Extra Magic Hours.

All Star Resorts food courts and the Pop Century food court will have the following operating hours beginning August 29 2019.

August 29 2019 - 2:30am to midnight
August 30, 31 - 3:30am to midnight
September 1, 2 - 3:30am to midnight
September 3 - 30 - 4:15am to midnight

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PhonedaveAug 30, 2019

Sometimes it happens. I believe only at official resorts for the race. I remember getting bagels at PO:R before the marathon one year. In fact I think they were free for people who were running. Or maybe I am imagining it.

Jon81ukAug 29, 2019

Yep its been reported its a permanent muni simplification http://www.orlandoparksnews.com/2019/08/major-menu-modifications-debut-at.html

Dead2009Aug 28, 2019

The pizza is delicious how dare you.

cosmicgirlAug 28, 2019

I checked the menus after reading this and they have been dumbed down all day. This is a big loss for what was imo the best food court on property.

LiraelAug 28, 2019

All day? I could kind of understand, maybe, if they cut it out at rush hours, but cutting it out completely is terrible service and looks like they weren't prepared for the number of guests for SW, which makes no sense.

DisorbustAug 28, 2019

Just an FYI. We stated at AoA last week and all the menus changed and according to the CMs they are only serving items that can be made in in less then 3 minutes. No more surf burger, build your own pasta.

Mickey5150Aug 28, 2019

That's what I'll be doing on the 14th. I'm up at 3, family is up by 4. Thankfully I can now head to the food court at 4:30 for some drinks and pastries to tide us over until whatever madness there is at Galaxy's Edge.

SirwalterraleighAug 27, 2019

If I recall...run Disney is run on a shoestring budget. I can take a guess why...

SirwalterraleighAug 27, 2019

Bet they’d love the mandatory 2:45 call to the mgm polyester storage facility, huh?

kwoodfan1Aug 27, 2019

Cause its only gonna open for the first time once, events are fun, anticipation is exciting, and why not live a little.

LAKid53Aug 27, 2019

Next runDisney survey, we should mention this.

KBLovedDisneyAug 27, 2019

Not even mall food courts are open that early for Black Friday. What exactly are they trying to achieve here? I'm so confused.

SirwalterraleighAug 27, 2019

I was thinking the same...they appear to be still “searching for the market” Nothing built is worth 3 am. This is an interest lab experiment...where the people are in the maze and the mice are watching Have you ever met one?

cosmicgirlAug 27, 2019

The renovated Pop and Movies rooms are the only value rooms with a coffee maker. I would not be happy if I got up at 4 to do 6am EMH and was told that I could not get coffee until 6. It's not uncommon at the values for one person to do a very early coffee run to the food court while the others start getting ready in the room. The demand is there so I applaud them for catering to it.