Some Grand Floridian Resort restaurants closed this week

Jul 13, 2017 in "Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa"

Posted: Thursday July 13, 2017 11:00am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Unplanned maintenance has resulted in the unannounced temporary closure of two Grand Floridan Resort restaurants.

  • 1900 Park Fare will be unavailable for dinner on Thursday July 13 2017.
  • Grand Floridian Cafe will be unavailable from July 13 - 15 2017. 

The resort's other restaurants are operating as normal.

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DisoneAug 30, 2017

Except for LOTS of money was given back. but I was not addressing if money was given back or not, I was address the drama. Disney did not close it down just because a bean counter said too. It was Unexpectant, and unfortunately absolutely necessary.

ford91exploderAug 26, 2017

The people actually staying onsite during this event appear to disagree that adequate accommodations were made. NDisney simply does not care about guest experience any longer, Disney has your money and that's the only thing that matters to Disney any longer. Ferengi rule of acquisition #1 - once you have their money never give it back. The Ferengi were supposed to be a caricature of capitalism, Disney thinks their ideas are simply 'good business practices'

Tony the TiggerJul 21, 2017

I guess it's all perspective. I would think I can order something better from the menu than what is sitting out at the concierge station.

DisoneJul 20, 2017

What they did five years ago they also did last week.

DisoneJul 20, 2017

Again with the "its about the children" dramatics! enough already. There was PLENTY of accommodations made. I know you want to believe they just decided to piss off guests because they can but nothing could be further from the truth.

ford91exploderJul 20, 2017

That was 5 years ago, Now it would be reservations cancelled due to 'maintenance' have a magical day

ford91exploderJul 20, 2017

And as ive said so many times before a REAL hotel chain would have done something to compensate its guests for the loss of a long planned experience. Literally ONLY Disney can get away with pulling these kinds of stunts because WE as customers allow them to. Well I dont any longer

ninjaprincesstJul 20, 2017

Maybe not but when a child has been told for 6 months that they are eating with Cinderella, Im sorry a crappy meet in greet in the lobby that everyone has access too is not the same, and people such as those of us in Texas have to be up and ready to make ADR by 5am, and after all that your given a last second sorry, that's crap, and no they may not be scared, but it still ruins their trip and eating at one of the other generic Mickey Mouse character meals is not the same, nor is eating at some boring who cares adult foodie place, yeah kids are just lining up for that. My point is when people have ADR 6 months in advance there should have been some type of compensation given to these people.

AngieMHFJul 20, 2017

Actually there was no room rate reduction, or transfer from one building to the other, at least for my handicap mom. They did offer to pay for our breakfast room service for the next 3 days. It was a hassle, however, I had to be waking up extra early just to receive our food on time. Your right extra room service does not make it any better. Especially with a handicap and 3 hungry kids.

COProgressFanJul 20, 2017

Wow, that sounds frustrating. Having stayed in Sugar Loaf before, there is very little reason to do concierge other than the food/snack offerings. Was there a corresponding reduction in your room rate? If not, there certainly should have been. I know, unexpected things happen. But the guest service recovery here sounds lacking. And before anyone starts to explain that guests received (presumably free) room service, there is a huge difference between putting in a room service order, waiting for it to arrive, then eating in your room vs. heading to the lounge for a quick breakfast or snack throughout the day. I'd be quite disappointed as well.

AngieMHFJul 20, 2017

I just got back from the Grand Floridian. We stayed a week. These closures for maintainable also affected guests staying in the sugar loaf concierge building. Half way through our trip they closed and we had to be ordering room service for breakfast. You could imagine our disappointment. I also herd other guests complaining about their character breakfast experiences. They were disorganized and were in other floors since they had closed the restaurants. It was very chaotic.

Tony the TiggerJul 19, 2017

*love it*

PrincessJulia1207Jul 19, 2017

Tony the TiggerJul 17, 2017

Sounds like a great opportunity to teach children a lesson about having realistic expectations and being gracious.