PHOTOS - Permits filed for 'Project 89' near Fort Wilderness

Mar 06, 2018 in "The Campsites at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort"

Posted: Tuesday March 6, 2018 12:14pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has filed new permits relating to 'Project 89' near to its Fort Wilderness Resort.

The permit relates to geotechnical borings, which are typically done to explore suitability of land ahead of major construction. At this time we are not aware of specifics relating to 'Project 89,' but given its location, a future resort development would appear possible.

According to the plans, borings are being made either side of the old River Country site. Thanks to @danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC Forums for spotting the permits.

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monorail811 day ago

Wrong property for that. 😬

TrainsOfDisney1 day ago

For what it’s worth, I had a meal at Crocketts Tavern and some guests were complaining to the waiter how there is no longer a restaurant at the campground. He said that he’s been told there will be a restaurant when the “DVC project opens”

pdude811 day ago

I suspect the nargles are behind it

monorail811 day ago

My theory is this is why they never reopened the primitive camping area. I think it’ll be developed into a DVC amenity area. Why else wouldn’t they reopen it?

nickys2 days ago

They are unlikely to be demolishing the cabins, at least not on site. They’ll just lift them onto a trailer.

JoeCamel2 days ago

You mean the love shacks?

Doberge2 days ago

Possible this is just to remove the existing cabin. Edit: I'm overthinking this. It does say general construction and not straight demolition.

CastAStone2 days ago

I had assumed the 2 cabins that are a mile and a half from all the other ones would disappear with this DVC conversion but apparently not

Doberge3 days ago

Thank you for sharing. I didn't know anything about this concept, nor the others in the article: It looks like the Reflections site location. In light of Reflections stopping and the introduction of the Fort Wilderness cabins into DVC, this is what I've advocated for without knowing these plans existed years ago. 😄 I'd like to see Reflections developed into a Fort Wilderness resort with the cabins as "phase 1" and new construction on the lagoon as "phase 2," like a reversal of Saratoga Springs starting with remodeled Disney Institurw rooms and later adding the Treehouse Villas to the mix.

danlb_20003 days ago

Well, don't I feel stupid for not scrolling down! I think this confirms that this is for the cabin updates.

Doberge3 days ago

JCQ Services, Inc. is at the same address in Orlando. According to their website some of their projects include the remodeled All Star Movies, Pop Century, and Yacht Club. Browsing their website, JCQ is less of a new construction GC than an interior demo and remodel place. I don't think these are folks to build something new, which has since been deduced by the cabin addressesses. Haven't read the permit, but because they also peovide transportation services, these are likely the folks who will take down the existing cabins (to prepare for whatever secondary use) and "install" the new cabins. Staging at Reflections makes sense because the site exists. I think they should be able to use the roads in the map below to reach the site on backrooms to avoid going through heart of FW. The red line can get them to the site and the purple line is the road from site back toward where the cabins are located (circled yellow).

DCBaker3 days ago

There's also 8 pages of cabin addresses attached to the notice of commencement from the link @danlb_2000 shared.

nickys3 days ago

I think it’s too far from the cabin loops. Quite possibly.

Phicinfan3 days ago

Could this just be staging for the new cabins coming in for Fort Wilderness?