Christmas Day religious services at Walt Disney World

Dec 20, 2016 in "Disney's Contemporary Resort"

Posted: Tuesday December 20, 2016 9:02am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Contemporary Resort will once again be hosting religious services for Christmas Day in the Fantasia Ballroom.

  • Catholic Mass at 8am and 10:30am
  • Protestant Service at 9:15am

Parking at the Contemporary will be restricted, so if you are staying at a monorail resort, take the monorail or boat service. If you are staying at another resort you can take normal transportation to the Magic Kingdom and then take a bus, monorail, boat or walkway to the Contemporary. Monorail and watercraft transportation will begin at 7am.

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epcotWSCDec 31, 2016

I believe that only applies if you cannot arrange to go to a Mass while traveling (at least for Catholics anyway). These days with Uber you can easily get to a church that's 10 minutes away with very little cost, so having no transportation isn't really a problem either. I could understand more if the closest church was a half hour away or more and you don't have a car and getting an uber (or taxi) would be too expensive.

MisterPenguinDec 26, 2016

Travelers are exempted from the obligation. But, more importantly, give twice as much in the basket next week. ;)

JohnDDec 26, 2016

I'm not Catholic but typically play hooky from church while on a WDW vacation. ☹️

JohnDDec 26, 2016

My Anglican Church is the same way. Weddings in the church to emphasize the holy sacrament. I don't disparage WDW for their offerings. Just saying that, theologically, my church prefers them onsite with the full liturgy to emphasize the holiness of marriage.

epcotWSCDec 26, 2016

I'm still waiting for Mary Queen of the Universe to get a Traditional Latin Mass... Nearest one to WDW is an hour away, not exactly the type of trip one wants to make while on vacation.

21stampsDec 26, 2016

This is true of all Catholic Diocese as far as I've ever known. If you want a Catholic wedding then you must be physically married at a Catholic Church.

MinnieM123Dec 26, 2016

Some years ago (I forget when it stopped), they had outdoor Mass at the Polynesian in the outdoor luau area, because it seated many people. I think it was when the Catholic Church built the large Mary Queen of the Universe Cathedral (up on Vineland Avenue in Orlando), that they moved the Masses out of the Polynesian. It's too bad, as the Masses on Disney property were more convenient.

JohnDDec 26, 2016

It turns out he preached this year.

zakattack99Dec 21, 2016

Yes I assume one would, however just because there was a collection does not mean it was enough to cover the costs. (Not trying to argue just explain my inital thought process.) Sounds like the diocese of Orlando has a good Bishop. We have one here in Philly 2 no complaints about that ;) Yes this is what I have found, I think on old posts here and a few posts on old religion fourms. What I could not find however was when this ended and why, as Lets Respect informed me it was because and when the Basilica opened down the street, which if Wikipedia is to be believed was 1979. So I'm assuming that weekly Mass ended At WDW at this time.

PizzaPlanetDec 21, 2016

I believe they used to have weekly Mass at the Polynesian.

MisterPenguinDec 21, 2016

Indeed. The Catholic Church generally wants all services, liturgies, and sacraments celebrated in a church or dedicated worship space rather than a make-shift hall if preventable. Building their own nearby shrine makes it preventable. In fact, you can't actually get married "in the Catholic Church" (i.e., with a priest or deacon presiding and with permission to be outside a church space) at WDW. The Church insists on a church wedding to highlight the sacredness of the moment, which in their eyes is more than 'magical,' it is 'holy.' Nor does the diocese of Orlando allow marriages at the wedding pavilion or even the shrine. Destination marriages separate the couple from their local Catholic community. Have a reception at WDW? Yes. Get married there? No. As far as footing the bill... a collection usually takes place...

JohnDDec 21, 2016

I PMed your request. We'll see what he says. Disney may not even allow it.

Ben EDec 21, 2016

Let him know I'd love to help in future years if the schedule would allow. Of course I'm in Colorado, but I'd be interested in how it is all coordinated and what Disney does to arrange these services (Christmas and Easter). We're actually not holding Sunday services this week since it falls on Sunday.

EPCOTCenterLoverDec 21, 2016

I love that they still hold these services and honor the Christian piece of the Christmas season.