Celebration at the Top extended later into the year

Mar 13, 2017 in "Disney's Contemporary Resort"

Posted: Monday March 13, 2017 1:58pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Celebration at the Top has been extended through until September 24 2017 at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

Originally announced in February and lasting through to March 26, Celebration at the Top costs $99 per person plus tax and gratuity, and includes canapés, a selection of sushi, a selection of flatbreads and other small plates. A complimentary bar offering craft beers, California wines, cordials and coffee will also be available.

Following the food and drink in one of the California Grill's banquet rooms, comes a viewing of the Magic kIngdom's Wishes fireworks show.

To conclude the night, petit four desserts are available in the private banquet room.

Reservations can be made now on select Sundays through September 24 2017 via 407-WDW-DINE. Valet parking is included with the cost.

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prberkMar 16, 2017

Well, as I remember, the option to go up before dinnertime, as in before the restaurant opened, was completely off. And that actually was one of my favorite things to do: To go up to the 15th floor observation deck during the day or morning, and just look out over the "World," watching the monorails glide by. But when we were there, the elevator would not go to the 15th floor until the restaurant was open, and they told me I would need a reservation. I hope that has evolved, but I was very saddened at that time. I remember telling them exactly how much money I had dropped down to stay there, and I did not know why I could not enjoy the view that I had enjoyed before, but that did not matter at the time.

COProgressFanMar 15, 2017

I have not been to the Cali Grill since the renovation a few years ago. But with my experience of previous years visits, I agree, the dining room is excessively noisy. I'm guessing the acoustics haven't improved much since the renovation?

drwadadliMar 14, 2017

We have done CG and personally, I would rather be in a quieter room enjoying appetizers and unlimited beverages then having dinner in a noisy dining room. My wife and I have been called foodies but this is not a restaurant we like to go to. We have been twice and each time it has been very noisy with screaming kids and adults talking very loud just to be heard over the noise. So, yes we would rather pay $99 a person to be a room of on the side away from the restaurant and enjoying unlimited drinks.

TheGuyThatMakesSwordsMar 14, 2017

This event confuses me..... You see, we routinely go to the Grill for dinner. With 20% tip, and several glasses of wine..... over the years, we hit about $180 for a couple. COULD hit $210. Folks, we eat filets.... we don't go cheap. And we can watch Wishes, if we want to do so..... Now - $99 a head for appetizers? Why would someone not just book dinner?

danyoung56Mar 14, 2017

Sorry, but this is incorrect. You can go up with no rez, dine and drink at the bar, and then go out and see the fireworks if you so desire. If the bar gets too crowded, they'll shut this off for a while. If you try it too close to fireworks time, you have less of a chance. I've done this several times myself, and it works great when you didn't have a chance to make a rez 6 months out.

blueslegendMar 14, 2017

Couldn't agree more. For 200 bucks you may as well just eat at CG with 20% off with a TIW card.

prberkMar 14, 2017

You do have to have a reservation, the last time I was there, at CG to get off on that floor. Of course we could go back to the "good old days" of just a few years ago when you could just come up the elevator and walk around to the deck and enjoy the view. That was always my special quiet spot at WDW. But now because of the company's shortsighted greed I can't do that any more, no matter what time of day, and no matter the $1500 spent to stay at the Contemporary (or close to it at any other WDW property) over a weekend -- but still not enough to simply walk out on the 15th floor balcony and simply enjoy the view, fireworks or not. I used to love to do that, even if I couldn't justify the California Grill with family and friends. At least I could steal away back to the hotel and enjoy the view and some time to think and reflect. Now that location is off limits unless I shell out even more money (for dinner or this program). And that, I think, is unfortunate.

Jon81ukMar 14, 2017

Supposedly the open bar is the only good part, the food (on the first night at least) wasn't amazing and the general feeling was you are better off with a regular table at Cali Grill ordering a la carte.

ford91exploderMar 14, 2017

People are paying - hence all thats required for this to be exetended

Nubs70Mar 14, 2017

So it will be like dime beer night at a college bar?

esskayMar 14, 2017

But that already exists. You just book a standard meal at the CG. All this does is adds a new menu and a bigger price tag to what they already offer :/

JoeCamelMar 14, 2017

Sounds like the upcharge is selling - all that matters for an extension

Biff215Mar 14, 2017

Question is, do they really care? As long as there's someone to book it and "something" to see, Disney will gladly charge you for it. Guess we'll see what HEA brings.

BEARSHOUSE4Mar 14, 2017

I hope it will...... Been waiting for years to view the show from California grill. Booked it this year finally.....for August! We'll see!!!