The game arcade is set to return to Disney's Contemporary Resort

Apr 05, 2019 in "Disney's Contemporary Resort"

Posted: Friday April 5, 2019 5:31pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Game Station Arcade will reopen at Disney's Contemporary Resort on April 8 2019.

The Pixar Play Zone, which used the space of the arcade, has concluded its limited-time run.

Operating hours for the arcade are 8am to 11:30pm daily.

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Missing20KJul 05, 2019

What? They re-opened the refreshed arcade with non operating games?

SteveAZeeJul 02, 2019

So what is now the largest arcade on property? Is there anything close to what Disney Quest once offered?

Surfin' TunaJun 30, 2019

We popped back in yesterday. It is open, but in typical TDO fashion a huge percentage of the games don't work. It was still a welcome distraction, and we spent probably a little more than an hour there.

NormCJun 30, 2019

Yes it re-opened Monday April 8th while we were there for the Rival Run weekend..

Disney4familyJun 30, 2019

Thank you!!

Monorail_Red_77Jun 30, 2019

yes It is back up. I was in there May 1st.

Disney4familyJun 30, 2019

Hi - is this place up and running? Just curious since we'll be there in a few weeks. Thanks.

NunuMay 09, 2019

4 pinball machines, saw them last week! 😀

raymusiccityApr 16, 2019

Brings back lots of memories. I can remember the games requiring quite a bit of finesse to get a ball hung up on an activator to ring up enough points before the 'TILT' lit up !

Surfin' TunaApr 14, 2019

I had no idea... Oviedo Bowling Center here I come. Talk about words I never thought I would ever type...

NunuApr 14, 2019

Thanks for the info @WDWTank ! it sure looks like you are a pro I'll try to visit next time I'm in town, fun! 😀

WDWTankApr 14, 2019

It’s inside The Oviedo Bowling Bowling Center, Oviedo FL, about 50 minutes from WDW via 417. They have Flip-Out Friday’s where from 8-midnight all pins are unlimited play for $10, and you get a wristband for access... I’m at The Pinball Lounge on a regular basis, there every week for league and IFPA tournaments and friday’s. My high score initials are TJK, and, I have all high scores on Family Guy except Grand Champion :) my longer initials for high scores if allocated is Tank James :D

WDWTankApr 14, 2019

And Pinball! :D

MickeyMinnieMomApr 13, 2019

Why? There was never anyone in there.