Woody's Roundup ticketed event coming to the Contemporary Resort this summer

Apr 03, 2019 in "Disney's Contemporary Resort"

Disney's Contemporary Resort will be offering a special summertime event this year, with the all new Woody's Roundup.

Taking place July 4 - 6 2019, Woody's Roundup will feature music, games, activities and a BBQ buffet dinner, ending in fireworks viewing from the porte cochere at the resort's convention center. Some favorite Toy Story characters will also be on hand, including Sheriff Woody, Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl, Bullseye and Buzz Lightyear.

Tickets cost $149 for adults and $99 for ages 3 to 9. The event takes place July 4 - 6 from 6:15pm to 9:15pm.

Reservations are available now via 407-939-3463.

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Article Posted: Apr 03, 2019 / 10:00am ET
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MisterPenguinApr 05, 2019

Disney's depleting our national reserve of synonyms for 'pink'!!

olie64Apr 05, 2019

Depends what I am spending it on.. Medical Bills no etc. Oo yeah I love taking my family to Disney. And that why I save the money I make to go, granted it not a life or death. We still do other things. Your second point... to pay taxes ;).

eliza61nycApr 05, 2019

Do you get enjoyment out of the money you spend? What is the purpose of working for money?

Kman101Apr 05, 2019

I'll send you a private message, don't want to derail the thread further with long winded directions and addresses, LOL. There are two outlets in Orlando (and one in Sunrise FL at Sawgrass, I haven't been to that one yet). To keep it simple, there's one on Vineland Road (8200 Vineland Road), literally right near Disney Springs and then there's one on International Drive (4951 International Drive), literally across the street from Universal Studios. They both mostly sell the same stuff. I've found more sizes in shirts and a slightly more stocked collection at International Drive. But I find Vineland more enjoyable. But if you can swing it, it's worth it, depending. Parking is also rough at both places (meaning depending on time of day, it's really really busy).

olie64Apr 05, 2019

No joke on the mens shirts...Yeah I on a current no buying on new coffee mugs..Some of mine now have a jealous problem. Where is the character warehouse, is it in Orlando? We are going to have more time this summer and might check it out.

Kman101Apr 05, 2019

I usually wait for shirts to hit the Character Warehouse to save about 20-30 bucks ... lol. I like the popcorn buckets and sippers because I find them to be cheap enough and unique. I also have a very bad growing coffee mug and tumbler problem ... I also think they're missing the boat not offering a better selection of mens shirts ... but we digress ... lol

olie64Apr 05, 2019

I know this summer there a possibility my wife may be buying a lot of those things. so much so, for Christmas and birthday we got here gift cards just for her for these things haha. The fact we (a collect group) go to Disney more than once would probably fall into spending money of "stupid" stuff to some.

Kman101Apr 05, 2019

Yep. And they come so swiftly after each other. Rose Gold! Millenial Pink! Purple Potion! Violet Lemonade! Dapper Yellow! Briar Rose Gold! (not just Rose Gold but BRIAR Rose Gold ;) ) But again, no judgement because I throw some of my money away on random "stupid" to some stuff ... LOL

olie64Apr 05, 2019

Disney know most of us will just keep throwing money at them...that why the prices always increase. And they seem to have a new color of the year they are always pushing. edit: If I lived closer Im sure i would have more popcorn buckets as well.

MisterPenguinApr 05, 2019

How do $800 per night rooms sell out?

Kman101Apr 05, 2019

Because people want to be "special" so they buy into this stuff. Not shaming anyone for purchasing it, I don't do that, but this just causes them to continue doing random things like this knowing guests will basically just throw their money at them ... (and before anyone defends themselves, they don't have to; I get it, we all have our weaknesses ... mine happen to be silly popcorn buckets and sippers ... TAKE MY MONEY DISNEY! I get it ...) I guess it's unique for some but it seems so silly to talk about a Roundup in the Contemporary, but hey, more power to them for doing this because people clearly just throw their money at them.

splashtestApr 05, 2019

How is this event already sold out??? Wow!!

aliceismadApr 05, 2019

But could you see the special July 4th fireworks from there? I assumed that was a big draw of the event.

xdan0920Apr 05, 2019

Does the phrase "bare minimum" mean anything to you?