Hess Gas Station at the Boardwalk to close for refurbishment

Oct 09, 2014 in "Disney's BoardWalk Inn"

Posted: Thursday October 9, 2014 9:29am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Hess Gas Station near the BoardWalk will be closing for refurbishment from October 13 2014.

The work is expected to take a couple of weeks, although no confirmed reopening date has been made available.

The other two Hess stations on property will remain open during the work, and can be found at the exit of the Magic Kingdom, and near Downtown Disney Marketplace.

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Goofnut1980Oct 24, 2014

Did they change anything?

BoltOct 24, 2014

This will reopen tomorrow night.

maxairmikeOct 18, 2014

Meh. Don't know what it is, but Race Track fill-ups always seem to last less than when I fill up at Hess, and the stations I frequent all are within cents of each other (usually the same price), so I don't pay extra for a "name brand" Maybe I only drive harder when I fill up at Race Track? I like that they'll be owned by Marathon under the Speedway name, coming from the Midwest. Hope the nice stuff the Hess stations typically feature on the inside stay, because I never was a fan of Speedway's options back home.

Mouse DetectiveOct 17, 2014

All gasoline in Orlando comes via the same pipeline from the Port of Tampa. The same tanker trucks then deliver it to the various brands of gasoline in town. Additives specific to a certain brand (i.e. Techron at Chevron stations) are added to the truck prior to delivery. In Orlando, literally, gasoline is gasoline and no reason to pay more for a brand name unless you think their additives make it better. And yes, all Hess stations throughout the eastern United States will be rebranded as Speedway, owned by Marathon.

lazyboy97oOct 12, 2014

I've also seen an article or too of the view that Marathon underpaid, so it'd be hard to think they paid to little for a bleeding business.

DisneyCaneOct 12, 2014

The article is poorly written. I think the 40,000 barrels might be referring to pipeline transport. Gas stations make most profit on the convenience store items and car washes but they would not survive on that little in gas sales.

Mouse_TrapOct 12, 2014

Does the article mean that Hess sell 40,000 barrels daily? Not sure if that means 40,000 barrels of fuel or oil to refine to fuel.....but with 1,300 gas stations, that doesn't seem like big numbers. Assuming US measures (not Imperial), 40,000 barrels is 1,680,000 gallons. Assuming the average customer buys 10 gallons in one transaction, that's 168,000 gas sales per day, and at 1,300 stations means 130 customers per day average....that's strikes me as a little low.....especially as the take per gallon to the store is around 3%. Say at $3 per gallon that's a gross profit of $0.09 per gallon......assuming the mean average on the above numbers means 1,292 gallons sold per store, that's a gas profit of $116 a day per store.

FunmeisterOct 11, 2014

Not sure if this was posted but will be interesting to see what could happen. http://www.bizjournals.com/dayton/news/2014/05/22/speedway-to-buy-hess-retail-become-largest.html

lazyboy97oOct 11, 2014

Pepsi-Cola sponsored the Golden Horseshoe and Coca-Cola still sponsors the Refreshment Corner.

Nemo14Oct 11, 2014


AEfxOct 11, 2014

Yup - in which, incidentally, Joan Crawford was instrumental in getting Walt to design, and Pepsi to agree to foot the bill for, since we are having fun with history, LOL. She and Walt had actually crossed paths as teenagers in Kansas City when Crawford was the darling of local dance competitions, so they had known each other a long time. Although it's largely forgotten today, Crawford was the face of Pepsi for a couple of decades, as well as an active member of the board, and her image was critical in bringing Pepsi to the real Coke competitor it became. She was kind of the WWoHP of Pepsi. ;)

AEfxOct 11, 2014

Haha, yeah, I figured that out at the time - but it was really interesting to me that it extended to a 3rd party vendor in it's own building like that. Inside the parks and resorts made sense - but I was surprised that it literally was "anywhere on Disney owned property".

Nemo14Oct 11, 2014

Small World!

R W BOct 11, 2014

I wanna say both were?