Luna Park Pool Slide now closed for refurbishment at Disney's BoardWalk Inn

Feb 01, 2023 in "Disney's BoardWalk Inn"

Luna Park Pool Slide closed for refurbishment
Posted: Wednesday February 1, 2023 9:50am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Luna Park Pool Slide at Disney's BoardWalk Inn is now closed for refurbishment.

The closure begins today and is expected to last through mid-March 2023, although a reopening date is not yet available.

The main feature pool at Luna Park remains open during the slide work.

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Tha RealestFeb 03, 2023

Thanks for all the advice. We’re renting DVC points, so not sure how accommodating they can or will be.

plutofan15Feb 02, 2023

It never hursts to ask in the case of the Contemporary. My wife and daughter had reservations at the Contemporary for mid-March and switched to Port Orleans Riverside because my daughter wants an afternoon lounging at the pool. As far as the Boardwalk is concerned, Stormalong Bay is probably a hard no. Plus Boardwalk's main pool is still open along with the two other quite pools. If access to a pool with a slide is a must, you might think about switching resorts.

nickysFeb 02, 2023

So you said.😉 However there’s a big difference between a resort like Saratoga, where the pools could take the handful of extra guests that were likely to have asked (and therefore allowed DVC pool hopping previously) and BLT where the pool really isn’t big enough for that resort let alone additional Contemporary guests. In addition, the Contemporary refurb was on the website for months in advance. Asking is always an option, but requests to use SAB or the BLT pool are almost certain to be refused. YMMV however.

plutofan15Feb 02, 2023

Not necessarily true. As I posted earlier, during our stay at Old Key West this past August, the slide was closed for repair at the main pool. We were able to use the pool at Saratoga Springs with no issues. We grabbed dinner at Artist's Palette, had a relaxing meal around the pool and enjoyed the evening swimming. They even offered to shuttle us over if we did not have a vehicle. I cannot see why it would be an issue in this case but it pays to ask. Remember inquiring nicely and politely works much better than rude and nasty. Good luck.

ToTBellHopFeb 02, 2023

That is indeed confusing. My mistake. I feel badly for guests at the Tower or Garden Wing, then. That’s a small pool. At least BoardWalk has 3 pools open.

nickysFeb 02, 2023

No they cannot use the BLT pool. That is a misunderstanding over the names of the pools. The BLT pool is the Bay Cove pool, and hasn’t been opened up for Contemporary guests. The smaller, round pool at the Contemporary is officially called the Bay Lake pool. That is the only one open for Contemporary guests. It’s a stupid name given Bay Lake Tower next door and has caused a lot of confusion.

The ColonelFeb 02, 2023

A person in a clown outfit was seen late at night under the structure.

ToTBellHopFeb 02, 2023

Those guests can use the BLT pool, which has a slide.

RememberWhenFeb 02, 2023

Definitely seems to be something structural

nickysFeb 02, 2023

The Contemporary pool is closed and guests only have the use of the small “bullseye” pool by the lake. No slide, no features at all. I don’t see them offering guests anything for this outage of the pool slide.

RememberWhenFeb 02, 2023

They seem to be working on the structure under the slide. AFAIK you don’t get access to SAB because the slide is out of commission. The pool is 100% fine and available.

_calebFeb 02, 2023

Oh. Sorry to hear that. But at least they're not bringing back the creepy clown! (They're not bringing back the creepy clown, are they?)

ToTBellHopFeb 02, 2023

Sounds like a sudden breakage.

_calebFeb 01, 2023

Wasn't this just refurbished in Sept. of 2020?