PHOTOS - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village holiday decor

Nov 25, 2014 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village"

Posted: Tuesday November 25, 2014 11:00am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Today's holiday photo gallery is from Kidani Village at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.

The main feature is the christmas tree in the main lobby, fitting perfectly with the African inspired environment. Click the gallery for more photos.

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yensid67Dec 15, 2014

The Contemporary's Mickey Head inspired me to create one for my own apartment balcony. During the day it just showed as a Green Garland wrapped Mickey, but at night it was encased in rope lighting that made it look like neon tube lighting. Christmas 2015 sees a return of the Mickey Christmas head as the main focus and medium and smaller Mickey Heads that will blink off and on! (always planning a year ahead:-) )

wdwmagicDec 10, 2014

PHOTO - Holiday decorations at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

lobeliaDec 10, 2014

Of all the resorts, the Contemporary should update the decorations the most. A Mickey outline covered in outdoor carpeting is not very contemporary. Nor, I guess is Tomorrowland very futuristic. This points out a weakness in the company's or perhaps our own ability to have a vision for the future and the reaction to contemporary trends is slow.

note2001Dec 09, 2014

Anyone have pics from the lobby inside the Villas at the GF?

prberkDec 09, 2014

My local mall is more decorated than that. And to think how well Christmas (um, excuse me, "Holidays") matches so well with "music" as for a theme. You would think that you would see decorations of carolers holding music books (or hymn books) in a music-themed resort... Maybe even a little drummer boy... or, for the "all star" theme, some framed pics or posters of famous classic singers' Christmas albums (say, Elvis' Christmas album, Amy Grant's, Bing Crosby's, Frank Sinatra's, etc.). Just my thoughts of what I might have expected in creativity and theming for that resort.

articosDec 09, 2014

Everyone realizes. There has to be budget, time and most important, the will from someone to get it done. We'll see more decorations again in the future.

GhostHost1000Dec 04, 2014

maybe we'll get lucky and they'll put the BAH on top of Spaceship Earth?

note2001Dec 04, 2014

Great, since that BAH is coming down I'm now imagining the Chinese theater with a Santa Hat. But that's for another thread. Don't worry folk, for every improvement made there is an equal and opposite reaction somewhere on property. The balance must be kept.

GhostHost1000Dec 04, 2014

well they could put a santa hat on the BAH? :p

wdwmagicDec 04, 2014

PHOTOS - Holiday decorations at Disney's All Star Music Resort

peter11435Nov 25, 2014

Plus it was ugly as hell

asianwayNov 25, 2014

The initial build of the wreath was charged to BLT construction. I can only assume it may have needed a refresh for which there was no money in the budget. Where have I heard that one before

wdwmagicNov 25, 2014

PHOTOS - Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village holiday decor

wdwmagicNov 24, 2014

PHOTOS - Gingerbread House now open at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort