Rare, Endangered Okapi Calf Born at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Oct 18, 2022 in "Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge"

Okapi Calf Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
Posted: Tuesday October 18, 2022 9:46am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Just in time for World Okapi Day on Oct. 18, 2022, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge announced the birth of a rare, endangered okapi calf named Beni.

The healthy, male calf was born in July to first-time mom, Olivia, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at Walt Disney World Resort. The pair remain in their backstage habitat where they can bond privately. Beni will make his debut on the Pembe Savanna in the coming months.

This birth is the latest example of how Disney animal care experts work with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums on Species Survival Plans to ensure responsible breeding for endangered species.

Watch the video below to see Beni new male okapi calf.

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surfsupdonJan 04, 2023

I'll look for Beni tomorrow! Dinner at Jiko with runDisney friends!

CompedOct 18, 2022

Disney cares about their AZA accrediation more than practically anything else in the parks, so I was once told. They take it extremely seriously, and no money is spared to keep them up on everything the AZA requires.

SirwalterraleighOct 18, 2022


bpiperOct 18, 2022

If they didn't, they would loose their AZA accreditation. They have to follow the species survival plan.

Jambo DadOct 18, 2022

This is definitely something Disney still does well.

SirwalterraleighOct 18, 2022

…what a cutie. Gotta love dak and dakl. Real life “magic” (I’m a okapi fan…can you tell?)

dreday3Oct 18, 2022

I love the Okapi, they wear striped pants! :D