Disney to pilot registered nurse first-aid centers at Walt Disney World Resort hotels

Jan 19, 2018 in "Disney's All Star Music Resort"

Posted: Friday January 19, 2018 8:49am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Resort hotels may soon add basic first aid services to the list of guest amenities.

Beginning next week, Disney's All Star Music Resort will start a 3 month pilot program with a registered nurse offering first aid.

Similar to the in-park first aid centers, the resort registered nurse will be able to offer over-the-counter medications, bandages and other basic first aid.

At All Star Music, the registered nurse station will be in the lobby of the hotel from 7am to 11pm daily.

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kong1802Jan 25, 2018

That's rough, but fair. Most of all, hilarious. :)

kong1802Jan 25, 2018

Definitely a head scratcher, for me. They normally don't do things that add costs, especially when its labor. I guess that might give your $200/night POP room some more value? Can't be that easy, can it?

SirwalterraleighJan 25, 2018

It's everyone...If we're honest. And i had moved on (5 days)...then Rambo decides to lecture... So let it go, Elsa...

MinnieWafflesJan 25, 2018

Is it us really wasting time here or is it you?

SirwalterraleighJan 25, 2018

Anything else? I love lectures on web board protocol when the ENTIRE point is to waste time...do tell.

smileJan 25, 2018

suppose you'd like to punch him, perhaps? ;) sorry dude, HAD to - won't again

andysolJan 25, 2018

Do people make mistakes? Do you? @JenniferS gave a valid response. A simple “touché” or “you’re right”- which she was- would’ve saved us of all this drivel. I was with you on some points until you fully derailed this thread. Can I give you some advice? Shhhhh When you’re 30% of the posts in a 5 page thread, you’ve said too much.

ToTBellHopJan 25, 2018

They will pay to transport you to and from the hospital, at least, as I know personally.

peter11435Jan 25, 2018

Based on the amount of free emergency medical care and transportation to ththe hospital they provide already it would seem unlikely.

I am TimmyJan 25, 2018

The Centra Care Clinic has a free shuttle, they'll come get your whole family and take you there. I would hope Disney wouldn't make us pay for the ride to get our sick family to care, but who knows?

EOD K9Jan 25, 2018

Also leads me to wonder if they’d eventually have an on-site facility. You can take a Minnie van or a Doc McStuffins van from the hotel to the clinic itself. Use your Magic Band to pay for your ride and copay. I’m seizing the future. Profit is a by product I’ll learn to live with.

briangawJan 24, 2018

In addition to being a great new service to differentiate their resorts, the additional angle could very well be a data gathering effort. It is a great way to find out the types and numbers of illnesses and injuries that people seek care for. Of course they get partial information now, perhaps at the front desks, but there could be other guests finding the locations of urgent care clinics etc without help. This information could be used to appropriately size and have the types of services needed if they were to do something onsite. With HIPPA and other regulations and also the urgent care clinics protecting their businesses, getting this information accurately out of the local urgent care clinics could be very difficult.

SirwalterraleighJan 21, 2018

Hypothetically...what if the RN is to test the waters...then they do a centralized PA with a standard GP doctor as a consult...then they partner with a cvs onsite? ...boom...then you have internal medical capacity.

EOD K9Jan 21, 2018

Disney would do well to partner with a CVS or a reasonable facsimile.