PHOTOS - The new Boulder Ridge Cove Pool at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort

Jul 10, 2017 in "Copper Creek Villas and Cabins at Disney's Wilderness Lodge"

Boulder Ridge Cove Pool

The Boulder Ridge Cove Pool is now open at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort.

Part of the Copper Creek Villas & Cabins expansion, the new rustic quiet pool boasts zero entry and a hot tub. It replaces the old Hidden Springs quiet pool.

You might recognize some of the set pieces that were salvaged from the now closed Catastophe Canyon at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

The cabanas are available without charge on a first come, first served basis.

Boulder Ridge Cove Pool is typically open from 7am to 11pm, and is available to all guests staying at Wilderness Lodge.

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Article Posted: Jul 10, 2017 / 11:50am EDT
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ford91exploderJul 14, 2017

Thats what i miss most, At least for us the resort itself was an important part of the vacation. Now it feels like 'just another hotel' not spaces designed to transport you elsewhere

Goofnut1980Jul 14, 2017

100% with you. It's not like they did that to add luxuries. The poly is so warm and colorful. And all of the color is gone from Kidani. We have been kidani since 2012. But I didn't feel like I was at Disney the last trip.

Beacon JoeJul 12, 2017

Wow. Being a member of the Porch Sitters Union, I reckon I'll stick to our usual places.

peter11435Jul 12, 2017

No. They were never discounted for the past 23 years. I doubt they well start now. Not all deluxe resort rooms even have balconies at all. Some at the poly have non at all. Some at beach club and Boardwalk are only large enough for one small person.

wdwmagicJul 12, 2017

I believe they are among the highest priced rooms at the resort.

Beacon JoeJul 12, 2017

Is it offered at a discounted rate? Because that would tick me off.

peter11435Jul 12, 2017

That entire balcony is now part of a three bedroom grand villa.

Beacon JoeJul 12, 2017

U WOT M8? I didn't comment on the age of the design. Like I said, that's one weird design. Are those rooms, by any chance, offered at a lower rate? The only similar situation I'm familiar with is at the Grand Floridian DVC where there is a one bedroom with a patio that abuts the colonnade. IIRC, that room is offered at the rate of a studio. But while that room lacks privacy or a view, at least the patio is full sized.

peter11435Jul 12, 2017

It's a design decision that was made over two decades by the original lodge designers. The rooms on the first and second floor of that part of the building have always had narrow balconies due to the stone work on the facade.

Beacon JoeJul 12, 2017

WTH? I get claustrophobic just looking at that. That's one weird design decision. It would be better to have no balcony than to give an unusable one to guests and tick them off.

The_JobuJul 12, 2017

Man oh man, that mega-cabin (the first photo) does look really swanky. I hope I can walk past one in the future. (I try to have realistic goals)

LAKid53Jul 12, 2017

That's good news! When I met with my sales rep in April to buy into Copper Creek, he indicated that Phase II (13 cabins by the boat launch) wouldn't be completed by the July 17th opening date. If we have time during our visit in August, might wander over to the resort while at MK. Been watching the construction for the past year or so from my stays at Boulder Ridge. Excited to see the pool has gone from this (see below) To this Yes, Steve, I borrowed your photo, because it's an awesome shot of the pool... :D

wsmith1978Jul 12, 2017

Thanks!! This is a very nice upgrade.

peter11435Jul 12, 2017

Agreed. Having seen it in person its generally well done. Once the trees mature it will be beautiful.