Major renovation coming to Disney's Magnolia Golf Course at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Thursday June 23, 2022 9:31am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Arnold Palmer Golf Management will be improving Disney's Magnolia Golf Course, as they reimagine holes 14 through 17 on the finishing stretch of the course.

These course updates will be designed and overseen by Ken Baker, who has extensive design experience internationally and is currently the head of golf course design at One Club Limited.

Each of the four holes are anticipated to be reimagined primarily as follows:

  • Hole 14 - Currently a par 5, will become a par 4, with a new green location
  • Hole 15 - Currently a par 3, will shift location and become a long par 5, dogleg to the right
  • Hole 16 - Will shift location and remain a par 4, but will now become a dogleg to the left
  • Hole 17 - Currently a par 4, will become a par 3, with new tee box locations

Holes 16 and 17 will be connected with a new wooden bridge through the forest. There will be several new fairway and greenside bunkers engineered to accommodate the shifting hole locations, and a selection of new teeing grounds suited to test each level of player. The changes to the holes will retain the par 72 traditional nature of the golf course.

Two PGA Tour stars - 2017 Masters winner Sergio Garcia and 2019 US Open champion Gary Woodland - recently got a sneak peek at the redesign.

“It will be amazing. The 15th (becoming) a big par 5; 16 is a long par 4 and they’ve brought in water perfectly,” said Woodland. “You’re going to have four closing holes down the stretch that will test every aspect of your game. It’ll be a great finish here at Magnolia.”

Added Garcia: "It’s a fun course to play. When (golfers) finish their rounds, they can’t wait to come back and I think that’s something the Magnolia course will have.”

Disney's Magnolia Golf Course is currently closed. Disney's Palm or Disney's Lake Buena Vista Golf Course remain open as normal.

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SteveAZee20 hours ago

Build a 5th gate! mini golf course!!!

LuvtheGoof23 hours ago

4 mini golf courses aren't enough? I agree about the disc golf.

J45461 day ago

I wish disney would add disc golf and some more mini golf courses

Kamikaze1 day ago

Weird that the press release calls Sergio Garcia a PGA Tour golfer.

Soluna161 day ago

Wish Disney would add a Disc Golf course somewhere nearby, especially with how much the sport has grown the last 2-3 years.

Comped1 day ago

Best part of one of my classes at Rosen was when we talked about golf course management and design. Some real interesting factors. Ironically, mini-golf is even more difficult.

AJ921 day ago

Pretty interesting stuff. I've never stopped to think about what goes into designing a golf course.

danlb_20001 day ago

Here the plans for the changes:

Ben_since_19711 day ago

I don't know that the scope grew as much as they wanted to keep the course a par 72. My guess is that the current 14th green will be moved to the tee box side of the pond fronting it, the new 15th tee will be where the current 14th tee is, then they will move into the woods behind the current 15th green/16th tee to build the new 15th/16th holes. Then they will build the bridge to where the new tee box for 17 will be. What's interesting is that several years ago they built a tee box off the 17th fairway. As far as I could tell it was never used but I found it odd they would do it. Unless this idea was years in the pipeline.

ryguy1 day ago

Hopefully they are working on drainage throughout the course. Truthfully the whole course should be redone, new drainage, new greens and fairways.

cranbiz1 day ago

It's due to Phase 3 of the Floridian Way construction, which hasn't actually started yet.

LuvtheGoof1 day ago

Isn't this due to the Floridian Way construction?

JoeCamel2 days ago

So 4 holes, I wonder if this area's scope grew?