Disney launches new YouTube series with a backstage look at 'How Happy Happens'

29 days ago in "Walt Disney Imagineering"

Posted: Monday April 22, 2024 10:56am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has launched a new YouTube series 'How Happy Happens.'

In the premiere episode of 'How Happy Happens,' we meet Todd Tedsen, the props crew chief at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Show Spectacular in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Inspired by his interactions with an Entertainment technician at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Todd discovered his aptitude for the entertainment industry, propelling him into a fulfilling career where he crafts and manages every detail, ensuring each show is an unforgettable adventure.

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cjkeating8 days ago

Didn't watch the first episode but I enjoyed this.

DCBaker8 days ago

Here's the next episode of How Happy Happens: On this episode of How Happy Happens, Raevon Steps into the Wild World of Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Robyn, Our Animal Science Extraordinaire, and learns what it’s like to care for the incredible White Rhinos of the East Savanah on the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction.

HauntedPirate29 days ago

Interesting. I thought the YT money was a bit more than that, but apparently I was wrong. Yeah, this would then be nothing more than marketing.

PizzaSpringRoll201729 days ago

Allegedly. It’s the toughest case she’s yet to face, but don’t worry guys. I’ve heard she’s determined to succeed

Animaniac93-9829 days ago

Is Glinda head of Disney's PR now too?

flynnibus29 days ago

They aren't going to make enough money to move any needles with youtube. Making $1000 off a 2 million views isn't squat to them. This is marketing... not profit.

HauntedPirate29 days ago

They can directly monetize these on YT, whereas putting in on D+ is not going to move any needles.

castlecake2.029 days ago

It’s in reference to “we create happiness…” which is WDPR’s mission statement

PizzaSpringRoll201729 days ago

“because happy is what happens, when all your dreams come true…” 🎵

celluloid29 days ago

I don't know. Dateline Disney were really successful, and were only like 8 minutes a bump. Disney Channel also had Imagineer That, which were very short. So it seems exactly like that. Disney Channel only ever gave entire show blocks to the parks and resorts with Inside Out. And was only a half hour each. So I am not sure where you got the comparison from? Also, Disney Plus does not require any time limits or constraints. I think it is telling this lower budget stuff goes on Youtube.

Comped29 days ago

It would have been a hour-long 20+ episode series IMO. And probably lost to time like most early DC programing.

monothingie29 days ago

Marketing and Social Media Outreach is a strange inhuman beast.

Captain Barbossa29 days ago

I get it’s just a YouTube series and nothing significant, but I’m still amazed at how bad Disney’s naming game has become lol.

celluloid29 days ago

Years ago, this kind of thing would have been on The Disney Channel. Obviously, the entertainment world is different, but with these longer than blips, you would think that this would be for series on Disney Plus for content. Yet they know it can make more off of YouTube and attention. Why would it not be content for Disney Plus since there now exists a platform to be instant and compete?