Disney briefly resumes sales of some Annual Passes at Walt Disney World

Jun 28, 2022 in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Tuesday June 28, 2022 3:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

UPDATE: Tickets went on sale for approximately 30 minutes before being removed from sale.

Sales of some Annual Passes briefly resumed earlier today at Walt Disney World.

The Annual Passes available are only for Florida Residents and Disney Vacation Club members.

The Sorcerer Pass is available for $899 and the Pirate Pass for $699. All other passes including the Incredi Pass are not available.

Sales of Annual Passes have been suspended for some time as Disney has moved to manage capacity at the parks and prioritize other categories of tickets.

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GillyanneJul 07, 2022

Thanks! Looks like Blackouts still apply to Bonus days so I won't be able to do my Bday anyway 😔

DCBakerJul 07, 2022

Disney has added two bonus reservation days for this Sunday, July 10th, at EPCOT and AK if you wanted to see how it works. The first photo shows what the bonus day looks like from the AP reservations page, the second is the current availability via the AP calendar.

bhg469Jul 06, 2022

So my posts here may be counted against me... LOL

Vegas Disney FanJul 06, 2022

You also need to be invited to renew every year, that’s another reasons it didn’t make sense for us to join, we don’t live close enough to go often and the club wants active members who are spending money in the club, not the occasional vacationer who uses their membership a few weeks a year. The membership just gets you in the door, you still pay for everything inside, and Disney keeps track of who’s spending and who’s not, including who brings guests who spend an who doesn’t.

JoeCamelJul 06, 2022

0 ! Xv. ,, They supersized it to charge more...... Mickey and friends (mickey d's)........

nickysJul 06, 2022

It isn’t quite as simple as that. You need to be invited to interview and they do some pretty thorough background and financial checks. And to be invited to interview now you really need to know someone very important in the organisation, since even the waiting list is closed to new entrants.

Vegas Disney FanJul 06, 2022

Our friends who are members at DL were going to sponsor us but we couldn’t justify the price on our income. If we end up moving to FL this is very tempting though, still expensive but much more realistic for upper middle class folks at least.

TrainsOfDisneyJul 06, 2022

The WDW membership is for all WDW parks. I think it is/was $15k per year.

brifrazJul 06, 2022

As @pdude81 mentioned, those prices are likely not accurate - I got those online (wouldn't ask a friend something like that) and after a little more online shopping it looks like both the buy in and annual renewal have gone up. Here's a very good report on Club 33 (mainly Disneyland) from just a year ago: https://dvcshop.com/inside-club-33/#:~:text=Club 33 Benefits&text=50 single-day admission tickets,the exclusive lounges and restaurants

Vegas Disney FanJul 06, 2022

If so that’s a steal, we looked into Disneyland club 33 last year and it was closer to $100k for the initial membership and over $20k a year in dues. That was for the top membership though (Dining room, lounge, and 1901), the dining room only membership with limitations is substantially less. Any idea if that gives access to all the WDW clubs or is that price per park? $10k a year seems pretty reasonable for what you get.

bhg469Jul 06, 2022

If I won the lottery, which i don't play, I could see getting this because the 10k renewal doesn't seem that bad if you have a family.

PurduevianJul 06, 2022

I mean to me it seems kind of like DVC. You can save money using DVC IF you: 1)plan to go at least every other year no matter what is happening in your life or what happens to the parks 2)always stay at deluxe resorts 3)have the disposable income now to buy in 4)always plan ahead like a year Club 33 makes sense if you: 1)Were going to buy annual passes anyway 2)were going to buy some VIP tours anyway 3)were going to pay for tickets for people outside your immediate family

vikescaperJul 06, 2022

Does Club 33 get you early park entry? We had somebody in line in front of us at EPCOT saying that they were Club 33 and they got early park entry.

brifrazJul 06, 2022

This is an argument made to me numerous times by my wife. However, two teacher salaries don't really cut it... unless we downsize from our current house to a cardboard box.