Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will receive increases to discounts during summer 2023

May 24, 2023 in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Wednesday May 24, 2023 10:13am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will receive increases to select dining and merchandise discounts from May 31 to June 30, 2023.

The Passholder merchandise discount at select Disney owned and operated merchandise locations across Walt Disney World Resort will temporarily increase from 20% to 30%. See all participating locations.

Plus, during this same time, Annual Passholders will get an increase from 10% to 20% on discounts for food and nonalcoholic beverages at select locations throughout Walt Disney World Resort. See all participating locations.

Disney reminds passholders that discounts are for personal use only and may not be used to purchase merchandise with the intent to resell the merchandise. Discounts are not valid on certain items and may not be combined with any other discount, offer, or promotion. Discounts are subject to change without notice. All merchandise is available while supplies last. View additional details, restrictions and exclusions.

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Vegas Disney FanMay 25, 2023

Retail is the area that we’ve cut back on the most, we used to leave every vacation with bags of merch, now it’s an item or two each. $25 for pajama bottoms was pricey but reasonable enough I accumulated a drawer full of them, $40 now is crazy. My Gf probably has 50 pairs of ears but I can’t remember the last time she bought new ones (maybe 2020), at $20 she collected them, at $35 she looks at them and puts them back. T-shirts at $50… insanity. We can afford the prices but we cant justify paying them.

MarvelCharacterNerdMay 25, 2023

Speaking strictly for myself (and on the other coast), my merchandise budget dropped significantly when the food costs went up (and portions shrank) at the parks. So yes, they're still getting my money but as a result it makes me less inclined to splurge on stuff, not more. And once you get people out of the habit of buying, it's hard to pull them back in. Food I need. Another Loungefly or Spirit Jersey, not so much. Once you learn to say no, it gets easier to continue. That said, I still shop because I'm a sucker lol but I've narrowed what I'm willing to shop for.

SirwalterraleighMay 24, 2023

What a catastrophic episode this annual pass thing has been? It’s not gonna get play but it’s a crushing defeat. The bobs share this one…bigtime egg on da face.

TheMaxReboMay 24, 2023

The quarterly reports have said spending per guests is up and cited things like G+ as a reason for that - but I am sure for at least some people they have a budget and if they spend more in one area that means less in others ... but for other people they just increase the budget But at least in the aggregate it is increased total spent per guest

TheMaxReboMay 24, 2023

that was my first thought - like, nice they are doing this, and the increased discounts are appreciated .... but just like roping off a section of Sunshine Seasons and providing the opportunity to purchase a drink seems like almost why bother

wdwmagicMay 24, 2023

doubtful unfortunately

SamusAranXMay 24, 2023

God I’m a sucker, cause I want that figment magnet

EPCOT-O.G.May 24, 2023

I wonder how much this variable pricing and up charges have unsettled other revenue streams. Like, it’s great if they make more money from G+ and stuff, but does this mean less merchandise purchases and QS dining? How much are they just cannibalizing existing revenue streams, especially as money gets tight?

mightynineMay 24, 2023

"Hey, can y'all buy some of this stuff? Please? We like you again! We're giving you a Figment magnet, least you could do is grab a shirt or somethin'."

mtrellaMay 24, 2023

any chance the increased discounts get extended to July??? 🙏

fgmntMay 24, 2023

My understanding of WDW vacations is that they largely operate as a lagging indicator of the economy. The idea of really bad summer 2022 inflation affecting the budgeting and booking of 2023 vacations makes this not surprising.

larryzMay 24, 2023

Softening demand? Or shrinking demand?

donsullivanMay 24, 2023

And when they had those private lounges far too many Passholders abused them. When a guest takes an entire tray of cookies and shoves them in their bag (I saw this with my own eyes, multiple times) so there are none left for anyone, or kids go up to the soda fountain and just press the button and pour it out on the floor the guests prove why ‘we can’t have nice things’. It turned into another round of ‘entitled’ Passholders just took advantage. And those are just the tip of the iceberg of selfish and disrespectful guest behavior I personally experienced in those Passholders lounges. I understand it wasn’t everyone but my own personal observations saw enough of people taking advantage that the spaces became unpleasant on many occasions and they shut them down. At some point they no longer want to deal with the mess, ‘stolen’ food and unruly guests trigger complaints from others trying to experience the space in peace and they just shut them down

SirwalterraleighMay 24, 2023

I’ll give you 2 guesses and the first one doesn’t count