EPCOT will host a special reserved space for Annual Passholders at The Land pavilion this summer

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Posted: Wednesday May 24, 2023 10:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

EPCOT will be home to a limited-time Annual Passholder reserved space this summer.

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will find the reserved space at Sunshine Seasons in The Land Pavilion in World Nature.

The area will be available from May 31 through June 30 2023, from park open to park close.

Disney advises guests that the area will be subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis.

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SamusAranX5 hours ago

I saw a tik tok with a Disney influencer trying to hype this place up. I weep for our society

esskay9 hours ago

Also known as the "ew, did you just fart" walkway due to it constantly smelling of sewage.

note200111 hours ago

Beautiful. You'd think the company was broke. It's akin to watching my former company pulling back on the free snacks in the breakroom. It got so bad they put a lock on the cabinets and we had to ask to get in there, then we were accompanied by the "key holder". All I wanted was a bag of chips, honest.

wdwmagic11 hours ago

Here is a look at the Passholders magnet distribution. Usually deal, with a line to get into Creations Shop using the side door. Once inside, MagicBand or ticket scan, along with ID (because magnet fraud is a BIG issue).

wdwmagic12 hours ago

Yes exactly that, it is policed like they are handing out caviar.

Sir_Cliff12 hours ago

I like to think they have a CM stationed there to slap away people's hands when they reach for that second snack.

wdwmagic12 hours ago

Some changes later in the day. Appears now each Passholders can only get one of the snacks and not both. Area is also very crowded.

note200113 hours ago

They splurged on all those table stickers and wall mural, I guess it would have been over budget to lay a few wires and install charging ports closer to where people want to be using their phones. It's not like Disney has an app everyone needs to access for making reservations, checking ride times, accessing other WDW info.

note200113 hours ago

THANK YOU! I knew this new "lounge" reminded me of something done in the back hallway of Innoventions, but could not remember just what. It's downright cringe worthy.

Tuvalu15 hours ago

It’s a sticker. All the tables were done overnight.

trainplane316 hours ago

Tighter restrictions then the DVC lounge? Wow. I guess APs are more common then DVC but still.

solidyne16 hours ago

Now, if I could take the Orange Bird table home for my $1,500...

Ayla17 hours ago

Hey! Stop complaining! You get pictures on your tables and chocolate (in June, in FL), what more do you want?! :mad:

solidyne17 hours ago

Right, that's me. I don't carry any bags, and I don't want a brick in my pocket all day. I actually would have liked this last week when I sat in that very location!