Complimentary Annual Passholder magnets coming to Disney Springs at Walt Disney World

Feb 22, 2022 in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Tuesday February 22, 2022 11:05am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Springs will soon be offering complimentary magnets for Walt Disney World Annual Passholders.

Beginning March 2 2022, Passholders will be able to sign-up for the Virtual Queue on the My Disney Experience app for a one-hour arrival window at Disney's Wonderful World of Memories to pickup the magnet.

The virtual queue opens at 9am each day through March 30 2022, and there is a limit of one magnet per Passholder.

In addition to the magnets, there will also be exclusive offerings at The Ganachery and Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar. The Ganachery will be selling a Passholder Chocolate Covered Strawberry Marshmallows gift box, and the Hanger Bar will serving The 1st Class Ticket via a hidden menu,

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Touchdown29 days ago

Not since Covid, this is the first one since spring/summer 2021. It’s kind of a big deal, when I checked moderate rooms were available.

Disstevefan129 days ago

This is a good idea. Giving them out at Disney Springs will allow APs that are either blacked out or can’t get a park pass reservation to be able to pick up a magnet to show pride in their AP they can’t actually use to get into the park.

HauntedPirate29 days ago

This “perk” isn’t driving demand. It’s not even a perk, if we’re being honest. Room discounts are normal. Don’t you remember the $lappie or the CFO saying bookings and “intent to visit” were just fine? Everything is firing on all cylinders, product is being moved at an expected rate, numbers are being met, sheep are being fleeced... Bob is happy.

Demarke29 days ago

Makes you wonder how they got them all over here from China in the first place! 😉

nickys29 days ago

Not sure if that’s the reason. Or even if you were being serious! But since Disney refuse to ship to the UK or Europe, whether it’s magic bands or anything from the shop Disney site, I wouldn’t hold your breath. I have had the mat type windows magnets from DVC though, which came with the DVC Files magazine.

larryz29 days ago

I don't think they're allowed to because a high concentration of magnets in the cargo bin can throw off the airplane's or ship's magnetic compass.

JoeCamel29 days ago

They can update the addy database this way

vikescaper29 days ago

Coming soon! Bob Chapek will be featured on the upcoming annual passholder magnet!

Touchdown29 days ago

First this now room discounts? Suspect demand is getting soft at the end of the year…

IMDREW30 days ago

Does anyone know if they'll ship those overseas?

DCBaker30 days ago

Sounds like the fall Annual Passholder magnet will be mailed -

DemarkeAug 23, 2022

Dang, I leave on the 24th. Seems like I always miss these passholder giveaways by literally one day either before or after my trips!

JohnDAug 12, 2022

Rats! (Or maybe its Mice!). I arrive on 9/25. Oh, well. Maybe they'll have a fall version by then.

jaxonpAug 12, 2022

If only people could buy APs 😂