Complimentary Dumbo Annual Passholder Magnet coming soon to EPCOT

Jan 12, 2023 in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Thursday January 12, 2023 2:19pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders can pick up a new complimentary Dumbo magnet at EPCOT beginning January 18 2023.

The Dumbo passholder Magnet will be available at Creations Shop in EPCOT from January 18 through February 20, 2023. Pickup is available 9am to 9pm.

Disney is not using a virtual queue, and each guest must have a valid Passholder card - physical or digital, and a government issued photo ID.

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dreday3Jan 12, 2023

Summoning this?

ToTBellHopJan 12, 2023

I just need the magnet for a nighttime ritual.

DranthJan 12, 2023

You'll be lucky if they let you have one after all the Dumbo smack you talked. Don’t think they haven’t already taken note. After all, Josh said they were listening.

ToTBellHopJan 12, 2023

Well mine was supposed to come in the mail, was in my postal service “it’s coming in the mail today” email and never came. I guess my letter carrier stole it? I’ll be happy to get this in person.

SaucyBoyJan 12, 2023

It's nice to see something besides Mickey, Minnie, Donald, et al

Disney4familyJan 12, 2023

I know. I got mine. This announcement didn't say if they would mail these as well.

TouchdownJan 12, 2023

And they don’t want you coming during the holidays, bookings are now soft and they want the “undesirables” going to Epcot.

JoeCamelJan 12, 2023

The mailing costs more than the magnet by far

dreday3Jan 12, 2023

Dumbo is so adorable. Loved him since I was a little, little girl.

Royal Purple PigmentJan 12, 2023

Wonder why they seem to randomly mail some and do this type of thing for others. When they mail them we only get 2 but at pickup we get 4 so I am not sure what the big cost savings are overall but I guess they do it for a reason.

DznyGrlSDJan 12, 2023

they just mailed the last ones.

Disney4familyJan 12, 2023

Wish they would mail these to those of us who are not local. 😕