Disney hikes up the cost of Walt Disney World Annual Passes

Oct 11, 2023 in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Wednesday October 11, 2023 5:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has increased the price of Walt Disney World Annual Passes overnight, with new prices for all four passes effective October 11, 2023.

The lowest price Pixie Dust pass has increased by $40 to $439, and the top tier Incredi-Pass has increased by $50 to $1449

New Walt Disney World Annual Pass pricing October 2023

All prices exclude tax.

Disney Pixie Dust Pass

$439, previously $399.
Or, $22 per month with 12 monthly payments and 0% APR after $205 down payment on the Florida Resident Monthly Payment Program.

Disney Pirate Pass

$799, previously $749.
Or, $54 per month with 12 monthly payments and 0% APR after $205 down payment with the Florida Resident Monthly Payment Program.

Disney Sorcerer Pass

$999, previously $969.
Or, $72 per month with 12 monthly payments and 0% APR after $205 down payment with the Florida Resident Monthly Payment Program.

Disney Incredi-Pass

$1449, previously $1399.
Or, $112 per month with 12 monthly payments and 0% APR after $205 down payment on the Florida Resident Monthly Payment Program.

Disney has also increased pricing of parking, and single day water park tickets.

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JD80Oct 14, 2023

My trips now are just as good as in 2019 if not better. Only difference is I liked free dining with small kids. Now it's not worth it with a 10 yo. Genie+ is better than fp+, but when I don't feel like paying for it, the park experience is similar.

Miss BellaOct 14, 2023

For me it's 2022 and the addition of Genie Plus. My trips prior to that even during covid were fine.

EPCOT-O.G.Oct 14, 2023

A lot of people point to 2018/2019 as a pretty good demarcation point where the value just wasn’t there for them in the parks. I just realized that dovetails for when D+ production and outlays started ramping up in earnest. Hmmmm….

Miss BellaOct 14, 2023

They need to make up profits for their next movie failure The Marvels.

Miss BellaOct 14, 2023

So true. I started a new job three weeks ago which has me on the road a lot. The minimum wage is 13.85 in my state. Fast food places here are paying 15-20 an hour. I stopped at Jimmy Johns the other day for a sandwich, chips, and a soda and it was 14.35 and they asked for a tip on top of that. Now I pack a cooler with lunch to eat between clients. I make pretty decent money, but yeah if I did that every day on top of all my other bills going up.... yikes. If I took my whole family there it would be 60+ bucks and it's nothing special. It's just a waste even if you can afford it. Fast food in my mind has always been something you grabbed when you were out and about. It was cheap and convenient. Not so anymore. Now it's a luxury. We've been fortunate over the years that paying for vacations has been easy, and eating out was common for us. That's all changed in the last year. I feel really bad for people struggling to pay for the basic necessities. I do think will see a lot of people pulling back on discretionary spending over the next year and like you said it's a vicious cycle with no end it sight.

DisneyDebRobOct 13, 2023

We did the same thing. For us it’s just way out of hand. Sold both our DVC contracts in February which we had for 21 years. Our passes are good through November but we have no trip planned for before that or probably ever again. I hate saying that after probably in the range of 50-60 trips from the 70’s until last November but enough is enough for us. So now when I see the prices went up for this.. they took away that.. for me I know it was time. I’m going to miss it for sure but I won’t miss the last 5 years plus when it just doesn’t seem like what I was used to.

Basil of Baker StreetOct 13, 2023


DranthOct 13, 2023

What really stinks is that customer can’t avoid it either way. For example, a company that doesn't increase pay (or keeps it to a minimum) sees a raise in profits and/or profit margins. The street celebrates and then that becomes the new standard to be measured against. Now a company needs to beat those new numbers or get punished which in turn means price hikes. No matter which way you come at it, the customer gets the short end of the stick. Wish we could get back to the days when growth stocks weren't all the rage and a mature steady earner with a dividend was considered a good thing. Now we just have a ridiculous and unsustainable demand for double digit growth.

MisterPenguinOct 13, 2023

Except the new minimum only affects a portion of the work force who were below minimum. If going from, e.g., $10/hour to $11/hour -- a 10% raise -- that doesn't mean everyone gets at 10% raise. The worker making $70K/year isn't suddenly making $77K. Then when a price bump comes to cover a minimum wage raise, it is absorbed by the whole population, the majority of which aren't making minimum wage. It isn't just the ones on minimum wage that absorb a price bump. Which makes the price bump less than their wage increase. In the end, it flattens out, by a tiny bit, the wage discrepancies of the low end of the wage spectrum.

John park hopperOct 13, 2023

People don't realize when they demand a pay raise the corporation (like Disney)does not take it from their profits ---they increase prices to the consumer. when the government mandates minimum wage hikes the same thing happens companies raise prices to pay for the wage increase. You may get a wage increase but you never come out ahead cause everything else costs more. Just a vicious circle.

SirwalterraleighOct 13, 2023

They sorta did… But they’re no further ahead…so that pressure won’t go away

Basil of Baker StreetOct 13, 2023

Didn't cast members just get a nice pay increase? Did anyone think Burbank was just going to eat it?

wendysueOct 13, 2023

Just canceled room only today.....8 days out.

SirwalterraleighOct 12, 2023

…that’s pretty evil 🤔 Not surprisingly…I love it! 🥰