New features coming to theme park touch points and My Disney Experience for Disney World Annual Passholders

Oct 05, 2021 in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Tuesday October 5, 2021 1:50pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney World Annual Passholders will receive a couple of special touches later this month at the theme park entrances and when using My Disney Experience.

Passholders who have linked their My Disney Experience account with their Annual Pass will experience a unique color and sound sequence when using their MagicBands to enter Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.

When you open the My Disney Experience app, you'll see a new Annual Passholder badge on your homescreen. Also in My Disney Experience, The Passholders Buzz is a new section with exclusive videos, articles, offers, events and more

Finally, there will be a new Disney MagicMobile Pass Design featuring Mickey Mouse.

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JohnDFeb 21, 2022

I just now renewed from Silver to Pixie Dust for that very reason. I'm four hours away so can't do a day trip. But I'm at WDW no more than 6 nights anyway. That would easily get me M-F most of the year (check in Sun night. Check out Sat. morning) and be blocked out in the same weeks as Pirates. So, yeah, I went with the least expensive.

ToTBellHopFeb 18, 2022

CJRFeb 10, 2022

Worth mentioning, when you renew, you still have access to all four passes. We're looking at them now, but will probably go cheap this year. They humored me by auto populating the Incredi-Pass. We're looking to spend less money at Disney World this next year than we have in about five years. Especially when you cut out our weekend EPCOT trips. We'll probably pick up dinner going to the parks going forward and may not renew at all after this next year. Especially since nothing notable is on the way after Tron and Guardians - although I'm sure they'll announce something at D23 that'll open ten years later.

CJRFeb 10, 2022

The funny thing is the only pass available is their lowest priced one and exclusive to people well under a day's drive away - a lot within an hour. Then, they get Monday through Friday most of the year at all four parks, a lot of busy days unblocked.

CaptinEOFeb 09, 2022

In California we've seen Soaring Over California come back multiple times. Now if only theyd show Captain EO once more or play the original Star Tours.

JoeCamelFeb 09, 2022

But the basic premise of an AP is to get a discounted price - B&J said "no longer" we want ALLLLL the dollars...

disneygeek90Feb 09, 2022

If anything, why not just take away the monthly payment option? That would probably take care of a large portion.

JoeCamelFeb 09, 2022

They don't want those low spending, low res people in their parks, if your credit score is north of 800 they want you but not at a discount.

disneygeek90Feb 09, 2022

Pretty wild that AP's still aren't being sold. The calendar's are completely open.

deix15x8Feb 09, 2022

That's how we ended up with Captain EO returning. It's what Disney does with it's theater shows sometimes, and in Disneyland with the evening fireworks.

TikibirdLandFeb 08, 2022

Essentially, isn't that what refurbs are for? You don't need to pull a ride down to do such little maintenance on them.

matt9112Feb 08, 2022

Irony is if they did some kind of rotation thing for any ride it would 150% work.

matt9112Feb 08, 2022

Yeah i watched a good video on the robbery known as the vault. Crazy stuff.

ToTBellHopFeb 07, 2022

They should probably throw Journey into Imagination into the Disney Vault every other day.