New features coming to theme park touch points and My Disney Experience for Disney World Annual Passholders

17 days ago in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Tuesday October 5, 2021 1:50pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney World Annual Passholders will receive a couple of special touches later this month at the theme park entrances and when using My Disney Experience.

Passholders who have linked their My Disney Experience account with their Annual Pass will experience a unique color and sound sequence when using their MagicBands to enter Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.

When you open the My Disney Experience app, you'll see a new Annual Passholder badge on your homescreen. Also in My Disney Experience, The Passholders Buzz is a new section with exclusive videos, articles, offers, events and more

Finally, there will be a new Disney MagicMobile Pass Design featuring Mickey Mouse.

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raymusiccity3 days ago

Aha !!

Touchdown4 days ago

I got two of them over a month ago.

raymusiccity4 days ago

Hey, Buzz ! Where are the 'Passholder magnets' that you keep saying will be in my mailbox 'soon' !!

vikescaper4 days ago

It would be nice if they could have all of the information in MDE instead of redirecting you to the website.

ToTBellHop4 days ago

I feel so loved, now.

DCBaker4 days ago

The Passholder Buzz hub has been added to MDE -

DCBaker11 days ago

New AP discount at ShopDisney - "Now through October 24, 2021, Passholders can enjoy 25% off at shopDisney with promo code “WDW25”! At shopDisney, you’ll discover magical merchandise, awesome accessories and spook-tacular Halloween styles."

ThatMouse16 days ago

I would be amused if it said "Welcome! Is this your first visit to Disney World?" because that's how I feel every time I check-in to a Disney resort lol!

raymusiccity17 days ago

He'll shake you firmly see if you have any loose change left in your pockets ! :D

vikescaper17 days ago

The special sound effect will obviously be the sound of Chapek clapping. Seriously, though, I hope they do enforce passholders only at the specific tapstyle. I also wish that there could be a passholder lane at the toll plazas at the parking lots.

VelocityRaptor17 days ago

Seems like that’s every single time I try to use the Passholder line

Hcalvert17 days ago

Yep, half the time they let anyone through the AP line even though it is clearly marked. I don't know how many times I got stuck behind someone who did not have one and then had the dreaded ticket/magic band issue.

Muffinpants17 days ago

Will do! awesome thanks for the reply!

JaxFLBear17 days ago

Look at the length of the lines first. The passholder touchpoints can be longer than the other lines.