Walt Disney World gifts an entire month of Bonus Reservation Days for Annual Passholders

Jun 01, 2023 in "Ticket Annual Pass - Disney Incredi-Pass"

Posted: Thursday June 1, 2023 10:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders can now make theme park reservations for the entire month of June without counting against their reservation allocation.

Bonus Days have been added for June 2023 at EPCOT and Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Walt Disney World Annual Passes offer varying numbers of advance reservation days. Disney Pixie Dust Pass offers 3, Disney Pirate Pass 4, and the Disney Sorcerer and IncrediPass offer 5 days. Bonus Reservation do not count against the allotted number of reservations.

Disney expects attendance to be softer than usual this summer and has taken steps to drive attendance, including resort hotel discounts, ticket offers, and resuming sales of Annual Passes.

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DCBaker3 days ago

Walt Disney World has added Bonus Reservations for Annual Passholders over the next few days. September 30 - Disney's Animal Kingdom October 1 - Disney's Hollywood Studios October 2 - Magic Kingdom October 3 - Disney's Animal Kingdom October 4 - Disney's Hollywood Studios

DCBaker8 days ago

EPCOT is no longer available for new Annual Passholder reservations on Tuesday, September 26.

CntrlFlPete12 days ago

but after 2 does not get you into the preview, the preview MUST be the reason Epcot has no more AP capacity on those days. For some reason, I thought this attraction would have a great thruput. I imagine there are a ton of local AP'ers ----

ToTBellHop12 days ago

jaklgreen13 days ago

There are 3 buckets, AP, tickets, and resort stays. At least those have always been my 3 options when I went to book my park reservations.

MisterPenguin13 days ago

Do you like picture books? Disney's Powerpoint presentation to investors. Sample slide...

SoFloMagic13 days ago

Better than a preview with registration required. Plus you can still go after 2 without a reservation. And what passholder goes to Epcot before 2?

SingleRider13 days ago

I don’t think they separate on property. The only 2 buckets as far as I know are tickets and APs.

Jrb197913 days ago

Meanwhile my local Cedar Fair park is giving most pass holders free bring a friend tickets to Halloween Haunt.

jaklgreen13 days ago

Wow, I will actually be there during that time for my annual trip. Glad I got my Epcot reservations in months ago. But since I am staying on property, I guess I could have used that availability. I wonder if anyone is going to book a room for the night. Honestly, it will be open in a few weeks anyway. I don't see the big deal.

Disstevefan113 days ago

Yes, know this. I was just being salty. Fact is, this is annual pass holder discrimination.

wdwmagic13 days ago

Well yes, but the AP's are still subject to park pass availability in some cases.

SingleRider13 days ago

So much for that I guess.

Disstevefan113 days ago

Wait, isn't this the $1300 "no blackout" AP ?