Disney may have moved to protect its interests over Reedy Creek land in the months before the new DeSantis appointed board members took control

Mar 29, 2023 in "Reedy Creek Improvement District"

Posted: Wednesday March 29, 2023 11:18am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new Reedy Creek board appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has retained high-profile D.C. law firm Cooper & Kirk for what the board describes as "constitutional and contract matters and potential legal challenges for matters involving the District that occurred under the prior board of supervisors and that may involve the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiary and related entities."

At today's special board meeting, the legal council for the new board said that various agreements were made over the past several months that were "unusual" and "suspect."

In a statement to WESH news, Disney said, "All agreements signed between Disney and the District were appropriate, and were discussed and approved in open, noticed public forums in compliance with Florida's Government in the Sunshine law."

Local WESH news reporter Bob Hzaen is reporting that a recent Developer Agreement confirms Disney's right to Reedy Creek Improvement District land for the next 30 years and cannot be changed by the new board.

The bill that DeSantis has signed in late February 2023 replaces the Reedy Creek governing body's board with five members appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In addition, the Reedy Creek Improvement District will be renamed "Central Florida Tourism Oversight District." Disney will be responsible for paying hundreds of millions in outstanding Reedy Creek debt.

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mkt8 hours ago

2 New filings in CFTOD v Disney. Nothing big, just notice of appearance and designation of email addresses for two CFTOD attorneys.

mkt14 hours ago

No new filings in either case as of 1:30pm Wednesday. You're halfway to the weekend, you've got this!

mkt14 hours ago

I did dirty deletes to make life easier for the mods.

Chi8414 hours ago

As far as I can tell it’s people who are poor but live on very valuable property.

flynnibus15 hours ago

I don’t even know who’s supposed to be moving..,

ParentsOf415 hours ago

Just scrolled through the last few pages. Is this thread about RCID or real estate prices?

Bocabear15 hours ago

I have lived here for 23 years...this is my home. My partner and I both work in the area, any move would cause at least one of us to have to find a new employer....and then there are friends, family, a sense of community and being... It is not just about making some cash grab. (in our location) we would have to leave the area entirely or move to a bad neighborhood in order to realize any profit ... There really is no getting ahead of it without great sacrifice to quality of life...

LAKid5316 hours ago

Perhaps because they are reluctant to discuss that with someone outside their culture? They are treated differently. I've witnessed my son-in-law be profiled. And he was born in Florida, is very light skinned (we jokingly call him "ginger") and his accent isn't that discernable.

Lilofan16 hours ago

A number of my friends are from Puerto Rico and they and their families including their grandparents came stateside years ago and some recently. In our times together no subject of being treated differently came up. I do love the welcoming embrace to me in their homes and the delicious PR food and the very addictive coquitos.

lazyboy97o16 hours ago

Nothing like a derail based on trite, shallow “advice.”

Lilofan16 hours ago

Yes my values is taking the money offered to me and improving life for our family.

Lilofan16 hours ago

There an areas that are cheaper COL without the hustle and bustle of south FL if one is willing look at options.

LAKid5316 hours ago

It's more than just $$$$ for some.

Lilofan16 hours ago

If a realtor offered me $2M I would be happy to sell and move on.