Chairman of the board position is 'open' at the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

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Posted: Tuesday March 26, 2024 9:16am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District website has now been updated to reflect the recent departure of Chairman of the Board, Martin Garcia.

The position of CFTOD Chair is now listed as "open," and there is no additional information on the district's plans to find a successor to Garcia.

Garcia's departure came just days after CFTOD administrator Glen Gilzean took a new job as Supervisor of Elections in Orange County. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is moving Stephanie Kopelousos, another of his allies, into the administrator role.

In an email to the AP, DeSantis' communications director, Bryan Griffin, thanked Garcia for "successfully navigating" the transition of the district and added that Garcia "developed a new district focused on transparency and the elimination of corporate welfare."

The next CFTOD board meeting is scheduled for March 27, 2024, and one item on the agenda is the "Consideration of Employment Agreement with Stephanie Kopelousos for District Administrator."

Garcia was initially appointed as board chairman through February 2027 and was an original member of DeSantis' new organization, which replaced Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District in June 2023. Garcia has been one of the most outspoken critics of Disney, recently saying the Disney-controlled Reedy Creek Improvement District was "arguably the most egregious example of corporate cronyism in the history of modern America."

Garcia is the second board member to leave, with Michael Sasso resigning from his board position after less than four months on the job. It was reported in October 2023 that over thirty employees have resigned from the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District since the DeSantis takeover. This mass exodus includes almost half of its senior leadership, raising serious concerns about operational stability and political influence.

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flynnibus4 days ago

Looks to be moved

wdwmagic4 days ago

Amazing, there is actually some real business on the agenda for a change.

DCBaker4 days ago

The agenda outline for the next CFTOD meeting on Wednesday, April 24 is available at this link*: *Edited to update as the link was changed after posting (thanks @flynnibus!).

flyakite6 days ago

Batman'sParents9 days ago

Was curious about this: Is there an expectation that CFTOD will delegate some responsibilities to the cities as part of the understanding between the state and Disney?

Dcgc2812 days ago

All good! I was going to be blown away lol

MR.Dis12 days ago

error, I edited the original post

mkt13 days ago

Here's the motion

mkt13 days ago

what's the new case number? Disregard, found it. 24-10342-H

Dcgc2813 days ago

They objected the delay?

MR.Dis13 days ago

Federal Judge officially granted a 60 day delay on the Federal Case. Disney requested so a new developement agreement could be negotiated, the CFTOD did not object.

mmascari18 days ago

Same formality as completing the new agreement. They clearly think everyone will work in good faith and get an acceptable resolution. One where not having representation in the CFTOD board is ok.

flynnibus18 days ago

Sounds like walking away from the Federal case is only a matter of formality at this point... or the roof caving in. Those aren't the words of someone cautiously optimistic for an outcome... those are the words of someone who already knows the game plan and they aren't holdiing a gun to anyone.