Disney surveying guests about big changes to its PhotoPass Memory Maker product

Sep 29, 2016 in "PhotoPass"

Posted: Thursday September 29, 2016 10:47am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

In recent surveys sent to guests, Disney has been gauging interest in an expanded PhotoPass Memory Maker product.

In addition to the regular PhotoPass service throughout the parks and onboard attractions, the survey outlines several new offerings.

  • A private photo session of 5-15 photos prior to park opening
  • A separate line at character meet and greets for guests who have purchased the package
  • 360 degree video of character meet and greets
  • Camera stations in areas accessible only to guests with the package
  • 1 year photo and video storage

Along with the new features, would of course come a price increase. In this case, the survey suggested an increase of around $100 to $180.

Disney has been busy carrying out limited tests on some of these new features in recent weeks. A recent test took place at the Sword in the Stone area in Fantasyland, using cameras positioned outside of the normal hand-held cast member locations.

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DisAlSep 30, 2016

I consider myself an "advanced amateur" photographer. I'm not a pro but do photo work at no charge for a couple of different 501c3 organizations who are always pleased with my work. On our trip this past June I found the quality of the photopass photos to be quite good. We were there for a week, and had over 700 photopass photos in addition to about 600 I made. I think they include every snap of the camera; they don't cull out anything. The percentage of "keeper" photos was about 90% for both photo pass and the ones I made. The nicest part of photopass is getting the whole family in the photo without asking a stranger to make it for you. I have found the "keeper" rate of stranger made photos to be about 50%. At $150 I consider photopass a good value, but would not be willing to pay much more unless there were some really good additional features..

cdeev8690Sep 30, 2016

Yeah, I'm still getting the same error online. I'll try calling to order it later on.

21stampsSep 30, 2016

I agree that not all photo pass photographers are equal. Here is a perfect example- I was so excited to see this photo, and then very disappointed when I realized that the photographer didn't catch the actual jump :( However, for $149, to have several hundred photos, and a lot of them very good, plus ride photos and videos, I won't complain too much about the "not so good". In comparison, here is one that I snapped with my iPhone 6 around the same time last year. I am no photog, but I think mine is better than the Epcot one.lol

WDWFantasmicFanSep 30, 2016

We had that on our recent trip, a lot of the photos weren't framed quite right, which kinda ruined the photo. Ride photos are a great addition to PhotoPass, and the videos are a lovely touch too :) Disney just needs to train their CM's to actually take good photos, like they used to have...

RSoxNo1Sep 30, 2016

I just hope they don't screw up something that is one of the best developments to come out of MDE.

Jae99Sep 30, 2016

In the survey there was no mention of different options at different prices. It was pretty much an increased price with more included in the photopass package or just purchase individual photos for a low price, but with none of the perks of the photopass package.

Jae99Sep 30, 2016

I thought $1.99 was quite reasonable for a photo.

tirianSep 30, 2016

Photopass pictures are rarely worth purchasing. When the service launched, Disney used real photographers, but now they'll give a camera to anybody with two hands because the labor is cheaper than paying trained professionals. I usually pick up some photos because they're included with my AP, and 90% are out of focus, incorrectly metered, or badly composed. Someone will jump on the boards and say that their experience with Photopass was "WONDERFUL." That's nice. But the service isn't consistent.

tedsgibsonSep 29, 2016

My Family visited the parks in June and as my girls are all at the end of there live at home career we sprung for the Memory Maker. The cost is very reasonable as long as you use it! we stopped every photographer we could find and asked for magic shots and even if they had ideas. One of my girls is of course in love with Anna and Elsa so used a FastPass, had AMAZING Interactions with the Characters and there Handlers. My Girls play well with everyone and they really turned it on and they had some very cool real connecting moments with the Ladies in Character. However the Pictures that were taken were very sub-par, and not just the ones taken at this location. severl we got were very good, others not so much. i would love the added experiences that are mentioned but there needs to be some sort of guarntee as you pay this price to capture moments that you cant get back. And as upset as I was i cant imagine how those feel that have taken there little one for a makeover and then receive low quality pictures. But wow 360 video of the meet and greet that sounds cool

VJSep 29, 2016

Just because it's put on a survey doesn't mean it's going to happen. Just means Disney's testing the waters for a possible change, that's all.

MawgSep 29, 2016

I'm guessing it will turn into a tiered photopass system. 150 for basic and more for front of line access to M&G's, private shoots and 360 videos. I just think too many people would quit buying it all together if the price went above 150, but there are a few that would see value in the additional features. I could even see them trying 100 for basic Photo pass, 150 to include ride photos/videos and 250 for the ultra deluxe.

Goofnut1980Sep 29, 2016

This is my thought as well. I just purchased my Gold AP for the December trip. I didn't renew because when my pass expired yesterday, because it made more sense to buy a new AP for when we go in December.. Then we can take additional trips longer! But now they include PhotoPass with the AP, I will save almost $600 a year in that alone! But the new perks, I wouldn't pay any extra for them at this time.

ellegirldisneySep 29, 2016

We are becoming annual passholders in 2017 and I think photopass is included. I'm curious if the new changes will be included for us?

HauntedPirateSep 29, 2016

It was inevitable, wasn't it? "Disney's PhotoPass+!! Now with an exclusive line to help you avoid those M&G lines and spend more time enjoying the Magic!"