Disney PhotoPass coming to runDisney events

Mar 07, 2016 in "PhotoPass"

Posted: Monday March 7, 2016 8:18am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

runDisney events are about to get a big upgrade to the photography services with the races soon to be captured by Disney PhotoPass photographers.

The first race to feature PhotoPass will be the Star Wars Half marathon - The Dark Side, taking place in April 2016.

The new service will bring the benefits of PhotoPass to the runDisney races, including being part of runner's Memory Maker packages, and the My Disney Experience app.

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runDisney fanMar 09, 2016

Word on the street is it won't be tap, you will be given a code with your bib number after the race.

FigmentPigmentsMar 08, 2016


dreamfinderMar 08, 2016

Not terribly surprised. Most of the character photographers were Photopass photographers anyway. I will be interested to see how it worse, if it's just proximity or if they will be doing the tagging afterwards based on bibs.

Texas84Mar 07, 2016

If they do active/passive that's going to sell a lot of MagicBands. But seems like Marathon Photo would still do on-course photos. Not sure what would be involved to get those on the MagicBand.

DisneyChik17Mar 07, 2016

I was thinking they would either do a card at the end of the race (similar to Storytime with Belle) with all the pictures in it, or use the ride technology where they take the shot and attach it with RFID tech in your MB. I am excited to see more details on this since I will be pushing my way through Wine and Dine this year.

-emMar 07, 2016

I'm intrigued.. More so with the potential capabilities they have if they use both active n passive rfid and if the use it to what it could easily do how it could affect future road races..

surfsupdonMar 07, 2016

Amazing news!!!! The marathonfoto pricing in addition to all the Disney prices is just so high.

p3fMar 07, 2016

Agreed. It will be really nice to have this "included" now with all of your other photos and Photopass services. But will this slow down the lines a bit? Now it is smile, shoot, run. With Photopass it will be smile, shoot, tap, run. That tap only takes a second or two but multiply that by all the runners in the line and that will add up pretty quickly. I've been in some long lines during a runDisney race before and they always seemed to move "quickly". But now I'm not so sure.

Mad StitchMar 07, 2016

Good riddance to Marathon Photo.