Walt Disney World theme park parking fees expected to rise tomorrow

Mar 29, 2014 in "Parking Fees"

Posted: Saturday March 29, 2014 6:39pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Although not yet officially confirmed, we have word that parking fees are set to increase tomorrow, March 30 2014.

The last increase was in June 2013 which saw a $1 rise to the current $15 parking fee. Tomorrow's increase will take the cost of parking a car at one of Walt Disney World's parking lots to $17, a $2 rise.

Many guests do not pay parking fees, as resort guests automatically get complimentary parking. Most annual passholders also receive free parking as part of their pass benefits. Offsite guests using single or multi-day tickets will mostly be impacted by the rise.

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disney4life2008Apr 23, 2014

Disney is $17. I was researching taking some friends to six flags and parking there is $20 and the park is only open for a half day until summer season.

Captain ChaosApr 09, 2014

Ahhh ignore is such a wonderful thing... That way i don't have to read the brain dead morons which help kill the brain cells of the poor person who got suckered into reading their nonsense....

BigTxEarsApr 09, 2014

No doubt they are, I feel the same way about Disney too. Heck I am looking forward to 7D Mine Train more than the Potter expansion :) Not sure how I feel about Avatarland, I am excited to see what they do with it but not a huge fan of the movie myself. With the next to Avatars movies though that might change :) The Potter expansion is much needed I think, the first phase is just too limited IMO. The FJ is the star of course, the wand show is cool but that's about it for me. The rebranded coaster is not something I can relate to Potter in my mind. I think the new expansion will give Potter much needed long term legs at Uni. Very wise move on their part. IOA is my favorite Uni park by far but both the toon area and the Jurassic area I like more than Potter are right now. The expansion might change that though. Are they still requiring tickets to both park to see both sides of Potter after the expansion? No big deal, just curious. The new Minion was cool, nice attraction/ride, I like Shrek more but that is just because of the characters. Transformers was just too much going on to judge after just one ride, lots of content in that ride. Funny with all the tech rides at Uni my favorites are two old school rides. Ripsaw and Mummy :)

marni1971Apr 09, 2014

They're welcome to a few extra bucks from me considering the multi year E ticket embarkation they are starting, plus a roster of C and D tickets and a full compliment of upgrades and refurbs to existing attractions.

marni1971Apr 09, 2014

You'd think, wouldn't you? There again, I re read your link. I don't see the figure directly quoted from either Staggs or Iger. Or did I miss it?

wannab@disApr 09, 2014

True. But, who is in a place where something they say falsely could (and should) lead to civil and criminal charges based on those false public statements? An executive in a publicly traded company or an anonymous forum poster? Just food for thought... ;)

raymusiccityApr 09, 2014

Agree wholeheartedly. At least Uni's money grab isn't going unnoticed: "Recently, reported that Disney World raised its parking fees. Sure enough, Universal Orlando followed suit. It now costs $17, the same as the Mouse charges, to park in Universal's gargantuan parking garage. Considering the crazed demand generated by the highly anticipated Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alleyabout to open at Universal, I wouldn't imagine that any muggle will be batting an eye at the parking rate, much less notice the $1 increase. These are, after all, the same folks who happily fork over more than $10 for a cup of butterbeer and in excess of $30 for a piece of wood identified as a JK Rowling-approved wand."

marni1971Apr 09, 2014

I know. I also know that IT and infrastructure should not be lumped into a parks project that has direct impact on attraction and entertainment. Which it has. Upgrade from Windows 98 by all mean. But not at the expense of the things that make a theme park tick. DVC... again it wouldn't be so bad if a) it wasn't being squeezed in everywhere at the expense in particular of Seven Seas Lagoon and b) if they paid as much love, money, speed and attention to the state of Epcot and DHS and a lot of other in-park areas.

marni1971Apr 09, 2014

Depends who you believe. Anyway, nice to see you around again :)

wannab@disApr 09, 2014

I know you don't like NextGen, but can we please use factual information? The whole $2B is bogus information... not fact. A recent NYT article includes the following factual information... The dearth of information has allowed rumors to flourish. Coursing through the many blogs that track Disney’s parks are reports that the new system is overbudget. ... Seated in his office at Disney headquarters in Burbank, Calif., a smiling Mr. Staggs dismissed such chatter. He said that the initiative had stayed within budget. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/02/business/billion-dollar-bracelet-is-key-to-magical-kingdom.html?src=recg

DisneyCaneApr 09, 2014

With regards to Universal vs. Disney parking, the walk down the main aisle of the Epcot lot from the furthest away point to the entrance "turnstiles" is about 1800 feet. At Universal, the outdoor portion of the walk from the garage to the IOA entrance turnstiles is about 1200 feet. At Disney you can take a tram. I don't usually at Epcot but you can.

The Empress LillyApr 09, 2014

No, not me. I am more with you in that I admire classic Disney's mid-century, middle class, egalitarian ideals. A Disney park is where a middle class family can be entertained at broadly affordable, by and large egalitarian prices. Walt stood in the tradition of other visionary tycoons such as Henry Ford, building his business empire by and for middle class America, with larger ideas about society's progress. (Oh, how the ideas and ideals of society building of, erm, 'people of Walt's political persuasion', have changed since then!) WDW's management in its early years declined to build more hotels so as not to disturb relationships with the larger Orlando (business) community. It tried to accomodate off-site guests as well as it could. Current WDW management raises parking prices to extortionate levels (multiple times minimum hourly wage just to park) to force its guest under mousearrest. The business philosophies are world's apart.

WDWDad13Apr 09, 2014

c'mon....even you should know whatever they spend on this NextGen project is not just for "IT bands" :) and DVC isn't a bad thing... say what you want about it but if anything many members are repeat visitors and as we all know around here it takes more to impress and keep excited those repeat visitors than it does the first timers...so....

marni1971Apr 09, 2014

I was refering to people with similar thoughts. There will be people who think DVC and Two billion on IT bands are the best thing to possibly happpen to a theme park.