Parking fees at Walt Disney World theme park increase effective October 4

Oct 04, 2015 in "Parking Fees"

Posted: Sunday October 4, 2015 6:36am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Parking at Walt Disney World theme parks has increased to $20 for most guests, up from the previous price of $17.

  • Cars and Motorcycles $20
  • Campers and Trailers $22
  • Bus and Tractor Trailer $25

Parking is now included with all Annual Pass tickets.

Resort Valet parking has also increased to $25.

The new pricing is effective October 4 2015.

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flynnibusOct 10, 2015

Reedy creek financed it... So they are paying for it through fees they collect from.... Disney. It's not like saying the state tax payers paid for it. It's just a financing path Disney can take due to the closed loop nature of rcid and DisneyDisney

peter11435Oct 10, 2015

Not exactly

MagicHappens1971Oct 10, 2015

Disney Springs garages was paid for by taxes if I understand correctly

Jeff456Oct 09, 2015

Crazy they can charge that much really... But it hopefully won't have an impact on me as I'll always look to stay on site. At universal I stayed at the hard rock for a Night last year and had to pay to park at hotel despite staying there!

ravenOct 09, 2015

Maybe the $3 hike is paying for the loss of income from Speedway.

French QuarterOct 08, 2015

Exactly...simple supply and demand. That's what I have been talking about. So long as the demand continues to grow, so will the price point. Clearly, Disney has not reached the point of over-supply. They will keep raising prices until they do.

AEfxOct 08, 2015

It's really a shame how many people don't realize that actions have consequences, which is exactly what some of these price increases are starting to do. Eeking out every last buck you can only works until folks find you too over priced and stop giving you any bucks at all.

French QuarterOct 08, 2015

Yes...there is a balance, to be sure. You want to make maximum profit without turning off your customers. I get that. But clearly there are less people who are bothered by the "cash grab" than you think. The place is busting at the seams. Customers are obviously not turned off.

JoeCamelOct 08, 2015

Should speed up the queue at the toll booths, a twenty handed over without having to fork back three ones, now if they just put in a CC lane and a AP lane they could really get some throughput

GoofyernmostOct 08, 2015

When one considers what it costs for everything else... $3.00 is chump change. If three bucks affects my plans then I will pretty much stop going there. Hasn't happened yet.

Jon81ukOct 08, 2015

There is a difference between getting more revenue by finding the maximum that customers are willing to pay and good business. Raising by $3 all at once can be enough to make people think about what they are paying and leaves a bitter feeling. A smaller increase every six months could have made better business sense as it is less noticeable to guests. I know Disney is a business blah blah but some of their recent moves look more like cash grabbing than running a good business.

French QuarterOct 08, 2015

It's good business is the point. Charge money for something that doesn't have a lot of overhead. Keep raising the price for that service for until you find the maximum that customers are willing to pay. I am always baffled at why people think that Disney would act as anything other than a very successful business providing a quality product.

Figment2005Oct 08, 2015

Trams are parking, not transportation. Parking attendants operate them.

alissafalcoOct 08, 2015

Or just make more $$ off you, plain and simple.