Full online check-in comes to Walt Disney World Resort hotels

Jul 27, 2017 in "MyMagic+"

A new version of the My Disney Experience brings full online check-in to the Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

The new check-in feature enables you to start the check-in process up to 60 days before arrival, bypassing the need to visit the front desk and giving you the opportunity to begin the vacation as soon as you set foot in Walt Disney World Resort.

You can make room requests, add credit card information and authorize charges, submit an estimated arrival time to help prompt room access, receive a notification when your room is ready and more.

You complete the check-in by unlocking your hotel room, when it is ready, using the MagicBands sent prior to arrival. The new version of My Disney Experience is available on iOS and Android.

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Article Posted: Jul 27, 2017 / 8:25am EDT
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zakattack99Aug 03, 2017

Thank you for the suggestion. We did something like this last time. It was cheaper to fly out on a Monday than a Sunday. We booked an extra night at AoA transferred from AKL and basicly got an extra day plus the flight home for what it would have cost to fly out Sunday night. This was sort of my plan this time as well. Originally we were going to fly out Sat morning, but we both got friday off to pack, convinced my wife that Friday should be our travel day instead Lol. Booked a late flight as soon as rates came out with Southwest, and as time went on found it was about 40 less per person to fly at 6am... not ideal but we will make it work. Only thing we have planned that day is a 5pm Boma reservation, just want to relax in the room/pool and enjoy a good meal.

docdebbiAug 03, 2017

For your future trips consider doing this another way. We used to do the 6 am from philly too until you started having to leave home at 3 am to make it Now we leave after work Friday, there is an 830 pm out and arrive around 1030 and put the kids in their strollers still asleep and go right to the Hyatt IN the airport. Kids barely stir and you gave a nice refreshed and EARLY start the next morning. The tickets fri night are cheaper than Saturday morning so it almost pays for the room

TuvaluJul 31, 2017


AlexFLJul 31, 2017

So what if you bring your own car and want to park at one of the parks? They scan your band at the parking booth?

disney4life2008Jul 29, 2017

I still very much enjoy standing in line and checking in.

JohnDJul 28, 2017

I did the online checkin via the app. I noticed that you can't change it with the app after you do it the first time (e.g. the two room requests for "Near elevator", "Near transportation", etc.). You'll have to go back to the desktop for that.

RiddickJul 28, 2017

Ah well there we go, I've learnt something new! Handy to know. I feel like I've seen someone post that they could get separate statements, that said I've never tried it. Handy that it shows the magic bands though, feel like it didn't when I was there before? (Who knows?)

disfan411Jul 27, 2017

I did the online check in from my laptop and not the app but I never received a text so I had to go to the front desk anyways. This was last monto that I went in june

UnpluggedJul 27, 2017

Yeah, we saw some signage regarding MagicBand usage at the entrance to our resort earlier this week. If the parking access is now going to work like pool access, then both should be less cluttered with cars/swimmers that don't belong there, with an added measure of security.

nicb88Jul 27, 2017

Physical parking passes generally no longer exist - they use the MagicBand as proof if necessary!

drkokintzJul 27, 2017

Anyone know if getting your parking pass will still necessitate a trip to the front desk or not?

JaxFLBearJul 27, 2017

Online check in via MDE (web or app) is for Disney owned & operated resorts only. The Swan/Dolphin could offer online check in if the 3rd party operator was to build a website or app that includes that feature.

Huey Dewey and the NewsJul 27, 2017

Any idea if this will change anything with Magical Express? Probably not, but it would be nice to go straight to a Magic Kingdom resort or other resort with a dining option....I assume we still have to "check in" at the resort.

allgigglesJul 27, 2017

I believe it stores your PIN from the last visit...which means I need to remember what mine was from the last trip.... I think if you're using ME, they already know your arrival time. We always drive, so I don't have any direct experience with that but I tink that's what I remember other people saying. Yes, there is usually a separate online check in counter in the lobby as well as CM's wandering with iPads in the area of the ME drop off. I never asked for the statement to be printed out for a specific person in the room, but I do know the regular statement prints out and indicates whose magic band was used for each line item charge. You can have more than credit card per room but you have to go to the front desk to set that up.