Disney Park Pass reservation system updated with new features and improvements at Walt Disney World

Aug 23, 2022 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Tuesday August 23, 2022 6:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is introducing new updates to its Park Pass reservation system today, which aims to remove some of the challenges guests encounter using the system.

Here is a run-down of the main changes to Walt Disney World's Park Pass system at Walt Disney World that are effective August 23 2022.

1. Guests with an existing Disney Park Pass reservation can now modify the date and Park without canceling and making a new reservation.

2. Guests can now book Park Pass reservations for up to 30 guests, previously limited to 12.

3. Park Pass reservations are now associated with a ticket, not a guest. This change means a guest can have a Park Pass reservation for different tickets they may hold, such as a single-day ticket and an annual pass. Previously, this required multiple profiles within a single My Disney Experience account, leading to a complicated error-prone setup.

4. All guests, regardless of ticket type, now use the same Park Pass reservation system. Previously, multiple systems were being used, producing an inconsistent experience.

5. Finally, guests can choose any email address to send the Park Pass confirmation details to, and it is not limited to the email address associated with the My Disney Experience account.

The Disney Park Pass reservation system was introduced as the parks reopened from the COVID-19 shutdown as a way to limit attendance due to capacity restrictions.

Originally thought to be a temporary measure during the reopening from the pandemic shutdown, the Park Pass reservation system is now permanent. Disney CEO Bob Chapek frequently mentions the Park Pass system as being of enormous benefit to the company by allowing tight control of operational costs and managing attendance. 

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DCBaker1 day ago

FigmentFan823 days ago

pretty sure it was alluded to a bit back in the thread

mysto4 days ago

My guess is that rope drop is so popular now that they are catering to those people. I'm sure the decision is "data driven" and there is a spike in attendance in the morning. I'm certain the rope drop people are not dreaming of getting up even earlier, unintended consequences.

crazy4disney4 days ago

Yes agreed fireworks are definitely an issue but if you have a park hopper you could always head there say on your AK day when that park closes

epcotWSC4 days ago

I had considered doing this, but MK is the one park where we try to force the kids to stay up late and enjoy the fireworks. So from that perspective, it doesn't work out for us.

crazy4disney4 days ago

Yes this is true also can definitely play that game & another thing ill say. Even tho they allow people in at 4pm if you dont have a park ticket. Its a show getting in so its not like you have a mad rush at 4pm ofcrowds either…

SingleRider4 days ago

Or get in line for 7DMT at 5:59.

Touchdown4 days ago

It’s not just MK though, Epcot and DHS opens at 8:30 (8:00 am EE.)

crazy4disney4 days ago

Optics are awful agreed heck they held a party on Labor day & didnt care… but ill say this especially those with younger kids.. 6pm close. Eat dinner at that time and next thing you know its 7-730 …

nickys4 days ago

I agree. But it doesn’t look good and it upsets a lot of people.

crazy4disney4 days ago

Ill be honest with you. I highly recommend going to the MK on party nights went twice park was even emptier than it was the entire time i was there… probably will Have a better time and get more done than in a full day and if you have a hopper utilize it.

nickys4 days ago

My guess is to avoid making the 6pm closing time at MK look an even worse deal on party nights. If the “normal” park closing time is an hour later then non-party goers lose more time.

G00fyDad4 days ago

No idea but I'll take it.

SingleRider4 days ago

Where did you read the news about 1pm hops? I haven't seen anything about that.