Disney Park Pass reservation system updated with new features and improvements at Walt Disney World

Aug 23, 2022 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Tuesday August 23, 2022 6:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is introducing new updates to its Park Pass reservation system today, which aims to remove some of the challenges guests encounter using the system.

Here is a run-down of the main changes to Walt Disney World's Park Pass system at Walt Disney World that are effective August 23 2022.

1. Guests with an existing Disney Park Pass reservation can now modify the date and Park without canceling and making a new reservation.

2. Guests can now book Park Pass reservations for up to 30 guests, previously limited to 12.

3. Park Pass reservations are now associated with a ticket, not a guest. This change means a guest can have a Park Pass reservation for different tickets they may hold, such as a single-day ticket and an annual pass. Previously, this required multiple profiles within a single My Disney Experience account, leading to a complicated error-prone setup.

4. All guests, regardless of ticket type, now use the same Park Pass reservation system. Previously, multiple systems were being used, producing an inconsistent experience.

5. Finally, guests can choose any email address to send the Park Pass confirmation details to, and it is not limited to the email address associated with the My Disney Experience account.

The Disney Park Pass reservation system was introduced as the parks reopened from the COVID-19 shutdown as a way to limit attendance due to capacity restrictions.

Originally thought to be a temporary measure during the reopening from the pandemic shutdown, the Park Pass reservation system is now permanent. Disney CEO Bob Chapek frequently mentions the Park Pass system as being of enormous benefit to the company by allowing tight control of operational costs and managing attendance. 

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Laketravis3 hours ago

I took 200+ high school band students to WDW (and USF) for 5 days in spring 2022. At WDW they were free to leave the resort after a 7am breakfast meeting and go to whatever park they wanted. They were required to be back at the resort at a predetermined curfew each night. I had a couple of parent chaperones stationed in the resort lobby during the day but the rest of the chaperones and band staff pretty much went on their own as well without any students. We only required the students to remain in groups of at least 3 (one to stay with the second while the third goes for help if needed) and send us selfies in front of identifiable landmarks at certain times during the day. Aside from the occasional lost backpack or park ticket, the trip went surprisingly well.

MisterPenguin1 day ago

And this is the reason why Day Tickets no longer have to make reservations. The number of Day Tickets is limited in number and pegged to a specific date range.

SingleRider1 day ago

As an AP, it’s nice to see the tables turned and ticket guests being locked out before APs.

Disstevefan11 day ago

I don't understand this. If you are staying on site in a WDW resort, you should be able to get into any park you want.

DCBaker1 day ago

According to the Walt Disney World website, reservations on December 31 at Magic Kingdom and EPCOT are currently unavailable for Resort/Ticket guests. Reservations at Magic Kingdom on December 25 are also currently unavailable for Resort/Ticket guests. More reservations may be released, so keep checking if you are looking to go on those dates.

DCBaker1 day ago

Walt Disney World has added five more days of Bonus Reservations for Annual Passholders in December. December 6 - Disney's Hollywood Studios December 7 - Disney's Animal Kingdom December 10 - EPCOT December 11 - Magic Kingdom December 13 - Disney's Animal Kingdom

brifraz1 day ago

Couldn't pull that off with only 3 staff and 109 kids, even if our district let us!! (not going to get into our very strict district rules on what transportation kids can use, which are the strictest I've ever experienced). It'll be a great trip - always have fun with my kids!

KDM310912 days ago

Since APs can hop anytime once the new rules go into effect, it seems to render the reservations useless. I understood them during COVID, but I don't see the point now.

surfsupdon2 days ago

I love hearing other stories. Seeing what works and what does not. We have staff in each park at all times, in case issues arise. We are very blessed. Have a great BIG trip!

brifraz2 days ago

Not to continue to derail the thread topic, but... our school district requires that all the kids on a school trip be in the same location (park is considered a location but WDW as a whole is not, kids have freedom within the park we go to) and that we have one staff member for every 40 kids in said location. Most districts in this area (at least those I'm familiar with) have similar rules. I can't imagine a school or school system dealing with liability concerns if a kids goes by themself to a park and gets hurt and there isn't anyone from the school system there.

surfsupdon2 days ago

Our kids can branch out and go to whichever parks they want. They do not travel en masse.

Fido Chuckwagon2 days ago

I believe it, poorly supervised adolescents away from home for the first time by themselves sometimes do stupid/dangerous things.

brifraz2 days ago

Considering that the group tickets for my group are $331 per person for 4 day, no Park Hopper as opposed to $556 regular price for the same dates, I'm okay with it. I don't think the reasoning is based on any single group that is there. But...considering that at the time that my group is there, I know of 4 other school music groups going just from Maryland. Between us, it's about 700 people. Looking at the performance reservation calendar, I'd say they have roughly 30 high school music groups there over MLK weekend. The potential swing of 5000 or more people from those groups could have a significant impact. Not just on park attendance an attractions, but on bus parking, food service, etc. I have also been led to believe that when multiple large school groups are in a park, they adjust the number of security in that park. Not sure if that is accurate, but the information comes from a tour company that specializes in HS group trips to WDW, so I'm inclined to believe it.

networkpro2 days ago

yes, the "whats one more" argument doesnt hold water.