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Hands on with MagicBand+
Posted: Thursday July 21, 2022 4:35pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Last Updated: August 4 2022.

MagicBand+ Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will MagicBand+ be available?

MagicBand+ was released at Walt Disney World from July 27 2022.

2. What is the cost of MagicBand+?

MagicBand+ starts at $34.99.

3. Are any discounts available on MagicBand+?

Disney Resort hotel guests may purchase MagicBand+ online at special prices before their arrival. Annual Passholder discounts are also available on MagicBand+.

4. How many styles will be available at launch?

MagicBand+ launched with 33 different designs.

5. Where can MagicBand+ be purchased?

  • Magic Kingdom Park: Emporium
  • EPCOT: Pin Traders – Camera Center
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios: Celebrity 5 & 10 and Tatooine Traders
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park: Discovery Trading Company
  • Disney Springs: Disney's Pin Traders
  • Select merchandise locations at Disney Resort hotels

6. What features are unique to MagicBand+?

MagicBand+ has all the same features as regular MagicBand but adds interaction with specific locations at Walt Disney World.

7. What experiences does MagicBand+ interact with?

MagicBand+ interacts with "Disney Enchantment" at Magic Kingdom Park and "Harmonious" at EPCOT. MagicBand+ lights up and vibrates in sync with fireworks, visual effects, and music. MagicBand+ will also engage as all four theme park icons transform into Beacons of Magic.

As part of the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration, you can interact with the Disney Fab 50 Character Collection throughout all four theme parks with the "Disney Fab 50 Quest." Help Tinker Bell bring the sculptures to life across all four Walt Disney World theme parks using virtual pixie dust from Tink.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios on Batuu, the bounty hunting business is booming. MagicBand+ is your guide to seeking numerous virtual bounties hidden across Black Spire Outpost with the Star Wars: Batuu Bounty Hunters experience. Vibrations and lights on MagicBand+ guide you down the right path. When you find your Bounty, you can use the Play Disney Parks app's augmented reality thermal viewer to reveal who's hiding in the shadows. Local guild master Raga Bua will reward you with galactic credits.

8. Is MagicBand+ rechargeable?

Yes. MagicBand+ charges via USB using the included 6-inch cable. You will be required to supply your own USB power supply. One end of the cable is a USB Type A plug, and the other end is a proprietary cradle specific to MagicBand+.

9. What is the MagicBand+ battery life?

MagicBand+ battery life is between 1 and 3 days, with overnight charging recommended.

10. Can the MagicBand+ still work with an empty battery?

Partially. With a depleted battery, you can still use the MagicBand+ for:

  • Park entry
  • Lightning Lane entry
  • Disney Resort room entry
  • Disney Resort folio charging
  • Disney PhotoPass photographer interactions

11. How can I check the battery level on a MagicBand+?

The battery status can be checked via the My Disney Experience mobile app if you have paired the MagicBand+ to your mobile device. In addition, pressing the button on the back of the band will result in the band lighting up a color to report the current battery status.

Flashing Red indicates No Battery. You should charge your band as soon as possible with the included charging cable.

Flashing Yellow indicates Low Battery. Continue charging your band until green for the most optimal usage duration throughout your day.

Flashing Green indicates High Battery. You are good to go!

12. How long does it take to charge a MagicBand+?

It takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours to fully charge a MagicBand from empty. You can check progress in My Disney Experience.

13. Does the MagicBand+ have to be linked to My Disney Experience to work?

MagicBand+ will work with the new exclusive interactive MagicBand+ experiences, with or without linking the MagicBand+ to a Disney account through the My Disney Experience mobile app. However, certain features such as park entry or Lightning Lane entrances will not work without linking to a Disney account and the appropriate entitlements.

14. Is MagicBand+ waterproof?

Yes. MagicBand+ can be worn in waterparks and pools.

15. Can one phone manage multiple MagicBands?

Yes. A phone with a My Disney Experience account can manage multiple guests' MagicBands.

16. What setup customization is available for MagicBand+ in My Disney Experience?

You can adjust the custom light-up theme and vibration and motion recognition settings.

17. How do I get started with MagicBand+?

Power on the band by pressing the button on the back once and tap the band to your phone. Follow the instructions in the app to link the MagicBand+ to your Disney account, assign it to a Guest and pair it to your mobile device. Then, use the app to make sure your band is charged and the software is up to date.

18. Can the MagicBand+ receive software updates?

Yes. Updates are managed via My Disney Experience.

19. Can I transfer my MagicBand+ to another person?

No. Once a MagicBand+ is setup, it cannot be transferred to another person.

20. Is the center part of MagicBand+ removable?

Yes. like previous MagicBands, the center icon can be removed from the band by removing the 4 small screws.

21. Will a MagicBand+ from Walt Disney World also work at Disneyland Resort?

Yes. Once launched at Disneyland Resort later in 2022, the same MagicBand+ will work at both locations.

22. I lost my MagicBand+ charging cable, can I buy a replacement?

Yes. Stores at Walt Disney World sell the MagicBand+ charging cable as an accessory, priced at $7.99.

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DCBakerJun 09, 2023

The new Fantasmic! MagicBand+ design, along with a couple others, have been loaded onto the discount page for Resort Guests and APs. You can find them here - https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/bands-cards/

DCBakerJun 01, 2023

shopDisney is now selling a new Fantasmic! MagicBand+. https://www.shopdisney.com/fantasmic-magicband-441204981342.html

pdude81May 23, 2023

ooh the Kakamora one has a discount now. This is interesting to me.

DCBakerMay 22, 2023

Here are a couple new MagicBand+ designs that have been added to the discount page for Resort Guests and APs. Find them here - https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/bands-cards/

DCBakerMay 15, 2023

These new MagicBand+ designs below have been loaded onto the discount page for Resort Guests and APs. 716477716478716479

DCBakerMay 05, 2023

A few new* MagicBand+ designs have been loaded onto the discount page for Resort Guests and APs (*these have been on shopDisney or in the parks already). You can find them here - https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/bands-cards/ 714663

MadderAdderApr 20, 2023

FYI for those with Disney hotel packages and resort plans there are 9.99 MBs through Shop Disney available now.

TouchdownApr 19, 2023

It’s impressive at Fantasmic when you are at the top of the amphitheater and watch everyone’s wrist light up in sinq.

pdude81Apr 19, 2023

The beautiful part about these during the shows is that they don't rely on your smartphone connection to change color. I was worried that I'd have to fight with it like I do with syncing the bounty hunter game, but all worked flawlessly as long as they were turned on.

TouchdownApr 19, 2023

Just reporting on some new functionality of MB+ I noticed: Soarin: Band now glows Sky Blue when exiting Epcot Forever: Band glows with the show

wdwmagicApr 06, 2023

That is correct.

Sir_CliffApr 06, 2023

On one of the Disneyland Paris threads it was suggested they would be introduced there under the name "DisneyBand+" as MagicBand" was already trademarked in Europe. As the cruise line sails to Europe and other places, it could be that they need a name they can trademark globally.

Scott the LawyerApr 06, 2023

I saw today that DCL was introducing "Disney Bands+" on the ships, which looked exactly like Magic Band+. Anyone know anything about WDC rebranding the bands in general?

DCBakerMar 16, 2023

A few new MagicBand+ designs have been loaded onto the discount page for APs and Resort guests. You can find them here - https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/bands-cards/ 704182704186704187