Shop Disney Parks app updated to include Made with Magic Connected Ear Hats functionality

Nov 20, 2017 in "MyMagic+"

The Shop Disney Parks app has been updated to include support for the new Made with Magic 3.0: Connected Ear hats.

Inside the app is a color remote, used to customize the color of each ear and adjust the speed of the strobe.

The app will also sync to special ABC programming, including the upcoming ABC Holiday Specials.

Updates are available now in the App Store and Google Play.

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Article Posted: Nov 20, 2017 / 8:00am EDT
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Walt dNov 20, 2017

The hats are,$18.17 find on disney parks site..

ThatMouseNov 19, 2017

Dreamfinder's paintbrush

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 19, 2017

First off: There was no wand EVER in the Sorcerer's Apprentice segment Secondly: It was his Hat he took... I agree and I wish they had brought the paint brush from DL over here instead of the Mickey Probe Stick...:hilarious:

networkproNov 19, 2017

Fantasia when he borrowed Yensid's, NEXT!

ThatMouseNov 18, 2017

They need all new designs. For one, Mickey never held a wand, and it looks stupid holding it anyway.

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 18, 2017

Type "Made with Magic" and it comes right up...

drtbmxNov 18, 2017

i see the photo but its not on the site or app.....that i can find with any type of searching

Cmdr_CrimsonNov 18, 2017

Yeah they changed it to Made with Magic when they added 3 other options... Here's what it looks like..

peter11435Nov 18, 2017

Yeah, glow with the show all became made with magic a while back

JustInTimeNov 18, 2017

So they changed the name at some point? I could have worded my question better.

drtbmxNov 18, 2017

why cant i find them on the app or website? anyone have a link to it directly?

MagicHappens1971Nov 17, 2017

Items sold on the carts throughout the park have odd prices like that so they’re even with tax so they don’t have to give out coins. The Christmas necklace is $15.02 so it about evens out to $16 with tax.

KBLovesDisneyNov 17, 2017

Seriously, this is what I see

KBLovesDisneyNov 17, 2017

Again, headphones from Josie and the Pussycats.