FastPass+ selection window reduced to 30 days for Annual Passholders

Mar 12, 2014 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday March 12, 2014 10:45am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The FastPass+ reservation window has been reduced to 30 days for Annual Passholders not staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel.

Passholders can now make FastPass+ reservations up to 30 days in advance, and can hold up to 7 days of FastPass+ reservations across a 30 day rolling window.

For a Passholder staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, the window remains at 60 days in advance of check-in, where FastPass+ reservations can be held for 7 days or the length of the hotel stay.

If you have already made FastPass+ reservations under the 60 day policy, those selections will still be honored unless you choose to cancel them.

Passholders not staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel will not be able to add charging privileges on their MagicBands.
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got2lovedisneyApr 03, 2014

Ok's my question: I booked a room directly thru Disney for my nephew, who is an AP holder, at Pop for SWW (May 14th arrival) and I made our FastPass selections. He has since made a separate ressie through Booking/Hotels/Orbitz for arrival May 16th instead. At that moment I was not able to link the new ressie to his profile soooo if I cancel the Disney travel ressie now, will his fastpasses disappear? I'm thinking I'll wait til we're within the 30 day window to cancel but wondered if anyone else had this situation come up yet.

note2001Apr 01, 2014

Has anyone with an AP and on-site reservation been able to link a combo of AP and normal parkhopper passes to a stay and still have that 60 day window open for all on the reservation?

ford91exploderMar 17, 2014

Or a repellent which sends DVC members anywhere BUT the parks...

docdebbiMar 17, 2014

thank you so much for the info. now, if my friend can get me the ressie I want, I'm in! so, do I owe you part of the $3000?

Weather_LadyMar 17, 2014

We did it. (I think the issue some renters might have had with FP+ is that you need to link tickets in order to get access to FP+ -- a room reservation alone doesn't do it. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong... ;) I can understand David's not wanting to take responsibility for guest's problems with the MagicBand/FP+ rollout. Heck, Disney is barely taking responsibility for them!) We rented DVC points through David's DVC Rentals. As soon as we were booked, David's sent me the reservation number. I was immediately able to link it to my MME account and see all the details of our reservation (the resort, check-in and check-out dates, etc.) correctly displayed. (The only things that don't show up are whether you've purchased the dining plan and the kind of room you've booked, e.g., 2-bedroom, studio, etc. You have to get on the DVC-specific Disney website and type in the confirmation number if you want to double-check those details.) Later on, and well before our 60-day FP+ "window" opened, I linked my tickets (purchased online from Disney directly). I've been able to customize our MagicBand order and make ADRs and FP+ with no issues.* (*To be precise, there were no issues related to the fact that I rented points. There was a problem with the Disney system recognizing that I was an onsite guest for purposes of the 180+10 rule in making my ADRs online when I was 180 days out, but I called and spoke with a CM later that morning who made the 180+10 ressies for me, and told me that this particular technical problem is one that happens all the time to all kinds of onsite guests.)

docdebbiMar 17, 2014

can you verify this for me? have you done this? wth FP+ ? the reason I ask is that I have a DVC suite rented through disney reservations for the second half of my trip in October, and while I would rather buy points from a friend instead, I am concerned about not being able to link to MDE/FP+. the reason I worry is because under FAQs on David's vacation rentals/, he states that folks have had trouble being able to link FP+ when renting 3rd party and he can't guarantee it will work. Copied from the site: "The "My Disney Experience" and "Magic Bands" programs are outside of our rental agreement and neither we nor our booking members can guarantee the success of the program during the "test" phase. We thank you for your understanding and are anxious for the working program to be rolled out by Disney sometime in February 2014" February 2014 has passed, right? but MDE has not done anything on time! if someone can tell me they did it, and i'm golden, then i would sooo rather save the $3000!!!

MonorailOneMar 15, 2014

Consider the following: As a annual pass holder, you have access to attractions, entertainment, and experiences at the drop of a hat. It literally takes the travel time for most annual pass holders to get to their favorite rides and experiences. For a whole year, AP's can have unlimited access to rides and experiences on a whim. Guests who plan a Disney Resort vacation typically have a lot more to go through. DVC Members know all to well how challenging it can be to get a good room in the resort you want, and most Guests who have AP's are from in state, meaning a "minimal" amount of travel is required to get to the property. It takes a lot more effort to make a resort stay. AND most Disney Resort Guests are "infrequent" Guests -- Guests who only visit once every several years or Guests who only visit once or twice in a lifetime. Also understand how FastPass+ works -- just because it is available does not mean the system will show the experience as available. FastPass+ retains a percentage of availability for day-of bookings, and releases more pre-bookings the closer to the date you get. The same is true for dinning reservations and resort stays. The software Disney uses makes sure there is always availability in some capacity during pre-booking periods to help negate operational challenges such as rooms that can't be occupied (A/C broken, bed-bug infestation, plumbing issues etc.) and tables that can't be seated (Servers call in sick, kitchen looses an appliance, etc.). On the day of, when it's known that these issues won't be a problem, the softwares automatically release more capacity to the Guest population. In other words, 30 days is plenty of time for AP's to make selections, because there will always be some availability for every experience prior to the date booked. You simply might have to check every once in a while to "change" what you're looking for.

Rob562Mar 13, 2014

DVC is the same thing as a hotel reservation in terms of MDE/FP/etc. You have a Disney reservation number just like a hotel that can be linked to your MDE profile. If someone is renting points from a DVC Member, once they get the reservation number from the owner, they can link it to their MDE profile. -Rob

ratherbeinwdwMar 13, 2014

This is true. And, I didn't consider that the friend also has an AP. With regular tickets, once they are used, then you can remove the person from your account. However, if the tickets still have time on them, you cannot remove them.

flynnibusMar 13, 2014

Don't agree... Ticket holders = 0 day advance APs = 30 days advance Resort stays = 60 days advance The AP is above the 'every day guest' and has access to the 60 day bookings if they are staying onsite. They aren't being punished in anyway, simply not being ELEVATED above resort people. And as others have said... if you are a casual visitor, is anything beyond 2 weeks even matter anyways? If you are an AP holder that visits for longer stays, can you really blame Disney for trying to entice people to stay onsite? The thing I'd watch for.. is DVC considered an onsite reservation? What's this do for renters?

Rob562Mar 13, 2014

While you *can* do this, if someone is simply your friend and not a family member I highly suggest *not* going this route. If they want to they can set up a profile, link their AP, become your friend and then never log in again, allowing you to make any or all FP+ reservations for them. But the actual control over the AP should really fall to someone who is in ultimate possession of the AP. It'll also avoid any potential problems of duplicate profiles that you then have to get Tech Support to combine somewhere down the road, such as if you create one for them, then sometime later they end up creating their own profile under a different email address, etc. -Rob

hockey87Mar 13, 2014

Ah yes I see it now. Thank you very much!

ratherbeinwdwMar 13, 2014

If your friend doesn't have a MDE account, you can simply add him to your account and make the fastpass selections for both of you.

lilclerkMar 13, 2014

You should be able to connect your My Disney Experience accounts under Family & Friends, then make all your FP+ selections together.