Best Friends luxury pet resort opening day

Copyright 2010 The Walt Disney Company. Photos by Garth Vaughan.

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Best Friends Pet Care luxury pet resort, now open at Walt Disney World Resort, offers plush accommodations and VIP (very important pet) suites for cats, dogs and other pets while their families are on vacation.
Best Friends Pet Care groomers Olga Kudinova (left) and Shelley Hanna (right) put the finishing touches on two special guests at the Best Friends Pet Care luxury pet resort. The resort’s grooming salon offers “go-home-fresh” baths and haircuts for its pet guests.
Best Friends Pet Care associate Whitney Jansen reads a bedtime story to Moxie in one of the new luxury resort’s VIP suites. In addition to bedtime stories, dogs can enjoy DVD entertainment and TV shows like “Animal Planet,” as well as ice-cream treats made especially for dogs.
Boom Boom enjoys one-on-one playtime with Best Friends Pet Care associate Leonor Reynoso at "Kitty City" in the new Best Friends luxury pet resort. Cats can enjoy their own comfy “kitty condos” and amenities that include special treats like Tuna on a Ritz.

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