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The Best Friends Facility at Walt Disney World Resort offers a wide variety of accommodations to satisfy the needs of any pet guest, whether staying for the day or as an overnight guest for a week. All suites are designed to provide comfort and privacy for pets. Suites are cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants, and freshened daily.


Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World® Resort
2510 Bonnet Creek Parkway
PO box # 22169
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Phone: 877-493-9738
Fax: 203-840-5266

Hours: Monday-Sunday
Open one hour before park opening until one hour after park closing.
Check-out Time: 12:00 Noon
A daycare charge will be applied to boarding pets that check out after noon.

Vaccine Requirements
Dogs must be current on Rabies, DHPP
and Bordetella. Cats must be current on Rabies and FVRCP. Written proof from vet required.

Standard Dog Suites

Indoor-Outdoor 2-Room Suites: These 36 to 48 square foot climate controlled suites include an indoor bedroom with a pet cot, and an outdoor patio. The indoor-outdoor suites include one potty walk per day.

All Indoor Suites : These climate-controlled suites are up to 32 square feet, and provide a pet cot for your dog’s comfort. The all-indoor suites include two potty walks per day.

Luxury Dog Suites

Vacation Villas: The fourteen two-room villas provide an 8ft x 9ft (72 sq ft) tiled bedroom, with a raised platform bed and doggy-eye-level flat panel TV. Each villa also has a private outdoor 4ft x 7ft (28 sq ft) relief patio. The Vacation Villa boarding experience includes 1 Potty Walk, 1 Playgroup Session, an Ice Cream Treat and Turn-Down Service each day.

VIP Luxury Suites: For the ultimate in pampered pet boarding, there are four 226 sq ft super luxury suites. These suites provide a 16ft x 9ft bedroom, with paw print floors and tile walls, glass doors, a raised platform bed and flat panel television, programmed for your pet’s entertainment. Each suite also comes with a private covered outdoor play yard, where pets can enjoy private play time with their family, or with their personal “pet concierge”. This all-inclusive boarding experience includes a wide range of daily complimentary activities: 2 Potty Walks, 2 sessions in the Dog Park (or Dog Walk), an Ice Cream Treat and Bed Time Story each day, all overseen by a personal “pet concierge”. Guests in our Super Luxury suites may also enjoy a complimentary “Go Home Fresh” bath after a 3-day minimum stay.

Updated January 12 2011


Indoor - Up to 6 hours $15, Over 6 hours $27
Indoor/Outdoor - Up to 6 hours $18, Over 6 hours $30
Vacation Villas - Up to 6 hours $30, Over 6 hours $53
VIP Suites - Up to 6 hours $46, Over 6 hours $69
Cats - Two level - Up to 6 hours $15, Over 6 hours $18
Cats - Four level - Up to 6 hours $21, Over 6 hours $26

Full Day $27

Dog Boarding
Indoor Boarding (includes two potty walks)
Standard $37
Resort guests $34

Indoor/Outdoor Boarding (includes one potty walk)
Standard $40
Resort guest $36

Vacation Villas (includes one potty walk, playgroup, a flat screen tv, and a turndown biscuit)
Standard $59
Resort guest $53

VIP Luxury Suites (inccludes two potty walks, two playgroups, a flat screeen tv, webcam, bedtime story, and a Go Home Fresh bath)
Standard $76
Resort guest $69

a la carte Doggies

Playgroup $15 for 30 mins
Playtime $8 for 10 mins
Cuddletime $8 for 10 mins
Walk and Explorer $8 for 10 mins
Bottled water $5 per day
Bedtime story $6 per story
Ice Cream Break $4 each
Holiday meal $5 each
Premium bed $5 per day

Cat and Pocket Pet Boarding

Cats - Two level condo
Standard $23
Resort guest $21

Cats - Four level condo
Standard $32
Resort guest $30

a la carte Kitties
Playtime $8 each
Cookies and Milk $3 each
Tuna on a Ritz $3 each
Activity Toy $3 per day
Deluxe Kitty bed $5 per day

Pocket Pets

Small - Standard $12, Resort guest $10
Medium - Standard $16, Resort guest $14
Large - Standard $20, Resort guest $18
X Large - Standard $23, Resort guest $21