PHOTOS and VIDEO - iPhone 5 goes to Epcot

Sep 21, 2012 in "iPhone 5 Goes to Epcot"

The latest and greatest iPhone from Apple hit the streets todays, and we happened to get one in our hands to take for a test run at Epcot. No better way to see how good a new device is than to take it out for a real life test run, and no better place to do that than at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center.

We tested the iPhone 5 in three areas, photos, video, and network. This is the first Apple device that supports LTE, and it absolutely screamed in our test today. We got an unbelievable 46MB download, and 15MB upload speed in the park with ATT. This is significantly faster than the public Wi-Fi service available in the park.

We have included a stack of photos below to show you how the camera performs, both with regular photos, and with the new panoramic feature, which we have to say, is very impressive. You simply scan the iPhone 5 from left to right, and it automatically stitches everything together and even guides you through the process as you scan the scene. The images are fairly large in file size, and you will definitely want to view the XL versions, so be patient as they load. All the photos are right out of the iPhone and are untouched in any way. The video is also a direct upload from the iPhone 5, with no edit.

The iPhone 5 is an extremely impressive device, blazing fast in itself, and blazing fast when it accesses the internet via LTE. The camera is a definite step up from the iPhone 4, with the speed of use and shutter lag being noticeably improved. You could definitely use this iPhone as a replacement for a lot of point and shoots out there.

Article Posted: Sep 21, 2012 / 6:26pm EDT