New Disney Cruise Line Lighthouse Point in The Bahamas to open summer 2024

Mar 09, 2023 in "Disney Wish"

Posted: Thursday March 9, 2023 11:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Cruise Line has today announced that its new island destination at Lighthouse Point, located on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas, will welcome guests in summer 2024.

Disney says that it has worked close collaboration with local artists and advisors, to be a "unique celebration of Bahamian culture brought to life with the quality and service of a Disney vacation." It is also designed to provide a hassle-free experience for families, including complimentary beach essentials (towels, chairs and umbrellas and lunch) and convenient tram transportation.

Disney is also considering the environmental impact of Lighthouse Point. At least 90 percent of the destination's electricity needs will be met by an onsite solar array, the pier was designed to avoid the need for dredging and elevated walkways will help limit impact on the landscape.

White sandy beaches and turquoise waters will greet guests at the expansive family beach on the east side of the island, which will be centrally located near market-style dining, recreation and other amenities.

A Bahamian art and culture pavilion featuring special programs and local artists will provide visitors to Lighthouse Point opportunities to learn and celebrate the traditions and natural beauty of The Bahamas.

A brightly-colored, interactive family water play area will include two slides, water drums, fountains and more, along with a dedicated space for toddlers.

North of the family area will be an adult-exclusive beach — complete with a dedicated dining area for convenient access to food and drinks throughout the day, plus six private cabanas available by reservation.

Children ages 3 to 12 will splash and play at a themed kids’ club under the care of Disney Cruise Line counselors. It will include a splash pad inspired by favorite undersea creatures from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “The Little Mermaid,” plenty of shade and a dedicated dining area.

Set away from the activity of the main family area, a peaceful beach along the southwestern shore will be lined with 20 premium family cabanas available to rent, including four double cabanas that accommodate larger groups and offer massage services.

Additional recreational activities will be available for kids and kids-at-heart, including a covered gaming pavilion; a volleyball court and gaga ball pit; watercraft and bicycle rentals; nature trails for hiking and biking; and more. And a collection of new Port Adventures developed in partnership with local tour operators will take guests beyond Lighthouse Point to explore the rich culture and breathtaking beauty of Eleuthera.

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MoonRakerSCM1 day ago

The isldand has a tram to take you from the east shore to the west shore. But man is it bleak. That half mile long unthemed concrete pier walk is not going to be a happy place in the late afternoon in August with no breeze. Nothing like you last memory of the place being a death walk. Man... they got themselves a friggin AMAZING beach on the east shore... but their execution of getting you to it is beyond laughable. Even the lounge chairs for the beach aren't actually on the beach... parents have been commenting it's a downright ridiculous and nonworkable setup for kid watching.

DisAl1 day ago

No trams? Not at all interested in having to walk a half mile on a concrete pier and then another mile (hopefully a tram) just to get to the edge of the development. Lighthouse Point may end up being just as successful as the Galactic Starcruiser... They would probably have been much better off adding another dock and developed area at Castaway.

MoonRakerSCM2 days ago

Just watched a ton of videos. Horrid.

Disone6 days ago

Value engineering at its finest. Or should I say finance. Value engineering at its finance.

TrainsOfDisney6 days ago

Thank you! On the map above you can clearly see the tram turnaround originally planned for the pier. The fact that this, of all things, was cut from this project is really upsetting.

Disone6 days ago

I disagree. I do not think it looks genuinely bad. It matches the artist rendering. Truthfully in my opinion the Bahamas do not have a strong identifiable architectural style. I do see where they built really very ordinary buildings and then colored them up and put fancy roofs on them. But honestly I'm okay with the end result. The buildings at castaway key are certainly not super expensive. And yes the beaches at LHP are absolutely the Stars here. But quite honestly castaway key beaches are nothing to sneer at either. Although recently they have ruined serenity Bay, Way too much sand Bank resulting in a very steep Sun lounging experience. I do think DCL should have been ahead of the mark with that long Pier. They needed to come up with a better plan than what they did. There were options and they decided that guest walking would be okay for most of the guests. They knew they were wrong and they knew they were saying it to to justify not spending the money to do it right. And now here we are. Perhaps less anticipatable, was the fly problem. Genuinely grossed out by that. Although I hear it's getting better quickly, they really need to eradicate that problem immediately and not quickly.

SplashJacket6 days ago

If you’re interested in how much they budget cut the island, here’s the concept from 2020 and then the other concept from 2019. Notable changes include: Adventure Camp becomes “Future Expansion” Adventure Camp gets downsized South Family Beach becomes “Future Expansion” Spa & Wellness becomes “Future Expansion” Pedestrian trail gets moved to less interesting location REMOVAL OF TRAMS FROM PIER Notably, none of the cabanas were cut, instead the East Cabanas that were originally “Future Expansion” remained as such. Also notably, the opening day activities like the Adventure Camp didn’t just get pushed to future expansion, instead they downgraded it to future expansion AND made that future expansion worse, whereas other plans that got downgraded to future expansions like Spa & Wellness weren’t downgraded (likely because they’re paid). Unlike Castaway (which got its expansion to accommodate the larger Dream class of ships), I don’t see Lighthouse getting its expansion, since I don’t expect a new class of larger ships, unless people really, really hate it. Embarrassing. Absolutely embarrassing.

Henry Mystic6 days ago

The more I look at details the less interested I am in going. Yeah, the beach is the star of the show, but genuinely everything else looks genuinely bad. Bad execution, bland architecture. What a dud. We should expect more given DCL’s prices. I don't get all the EPCOT criticism when this exists.

MR.Dis6 days ago

There was a very detailed agreement signed by Disney with the government on what could and would be done. You can google it if you are interested. As of now, what I see is nothing close to what the final product is supposed to look like.

DisneyHead1236 days ago

I’m not clear on the environmental issues involved so was just spitballing. I know RC did do Coco Cay and I don’t see any articles about that being a horrible thing for the environment, so not sure.

TrainsOfDisney6 days ago

One advantage of having a private island outside of the USA is you can have cruises that only stop at the private island. Since cruise lines are not US businesses - they must stop at an international place on the cruise. Nothing is really stopping Disney from developing the islands more.

DisneyHead1236 days ago

I wonder if it’s logistically possible for them to build a Disney port somewhere in the US? I get that there are unique considerations involving the ecosystem on these islands and even bringing in increased electricity and water lines can disrupt that. For more of a Disney-fied experience, the existing infrastructure in the US might make sense, while leaving the Bahamas as ports for untouched natural beauty.

TrainsOfDisney6 days ago

I may have missed some info on this project but is this it? Like I remember Joe Rohde on stage at D23 when they announced this project and it sounded like there was going to be a lot more than….. this. Haha.

asianway6 days ago

Disney didn’t release a lot of info about the island in advance and it’s easy to see why