Disney Genie+ price at Walt Disney World falls after hitting peak levels this past week

Nov 25, 2023 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Saturday November 25, 2023 8:47am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World's Genie+ service took a big price drop today following a week of peak pricing during the Thanksgiving week.

The Multi-Park and Magic Kingdom Genie+ options fell from $35 to $27 per person. EPCOT fell by $9 to $19, and Disney's Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios both saw an $8 drop today, to $17 and $24, respectively.

Individual Attraction Purchases for Lightning Lane attractions are also down in price today by a couple of dollars.

Avatar Flight of Passage down from $16 to $14, Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind down from $17 to $15, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train down from $12 to $11, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance down from $25 to $22, and TRON remains at its constant $20.

Disney Genie+ is a purchase option within the Disney Genie service that makes the former FastPass line available at select attractions, now called Lightning Lane. Certain headline attractions are not part of Genie+, and Lightning Lane access at those attractions requires an Individual Attraction purchase, which varies in price.

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co100645 hours ago

I also don't think Disney is intentionally limiting capacity throughout the day... but they certainly do it for several attractions at park open and park close. I have also witnessed them run half capacity/reduced loading at Cosmic Rewind, Remy, and Soarin' during EPCOT After Hours. At first I thought it may have been a fluke due to an issue with an attraction, but all three in one night can't be a fluke. IMO, if there is ANY wait time for a ride, there shouldn't be a reduction in capacity, period. But I guess they want to save as much labor as possible.

RSoxNo111 hours ago

You and I have exchanged some thoughts on Jungle Cruise. Do you have any more insight as to what may be going on here? Are you also still of the impression that Genie+ distribution is fixed (and equal) at every attraction at just under 300 per hour with the remaining guests in that queue comprised of DAS and make goods?

MagicHappens197111 hours ago

I came back on here to comment as well, I don't think Disney is intentionally / or at all, operating their attractions at anything less than full capacity. It doesn't make any sense to.... and before you hit me with the "to sell" Genie+, they're doing that anyway. I do think wait times are inflated but thats a whole other can of worms.

TheIceBaron12 hours ago

I don’t think they run their attractions at half capacity intentionally. I remember vommiting all over my seat at the incredicoaster at DCA and I think they closed the row I was in for a bit but justifiably so.

Purduevian12 hours ago

Len has proven to be a very reliable source of information/Disney statistics and he disagrees with you. Either accept that most users here don't agree with you and drop it (which is ok, not everyone has to agree) or provide something other than anecdotal evidence to support your claim. When getting into a discussion, you need to ask the other person, what would it take you to believe my side? At least for me, I will believe Len over you unless you can provide video/picture proof, or an article (from a reliable source) to show that Disney runs popular rides at half capacity on purpose during busy times.

Andrew2512 hours ago

Yeah, Cosmic Rewind "ideally" can dispatch every 35-40 secs which is an impressive 1.8K to 2.0K guess an hour, you then have to reduce downtime, people taking a bit longer to load, backups at unload, unforeseen cleanups, etc. Yeah, that estimate of 2K an hour means boats should dispatch roughly every 60 secs... which is not happening. It's usually every 2 minutes or so.

lentesta12 hours ago

Or the original estimate was flawed.

John park hopper13 hours ago

Plenty of posters have cited examples

Fido Chuckwagon13 hours ago

That’s a pretty big discrepancy. Do you think it’s just not enough skippers?

Fido Chuckwagon13 hours ago

Those were socially distanced queue’s though.

Fido Chuckwagon13 hours ago

brettf2215 hours ago

I would posit that increased DAS use is also a direct result of G+. Charging for what used to be free encourages people to find alternatives, both legitimate and illegitimate.

Chip Chipperson15 hours ago

I have to think that Cosmic Rewind I hurt in the early morning by its VQ. People don't know when their BG will be called when they book, so people in the first wave of BGs may arrive later and create unused capacity during the first hour or so.

lentesta15 hours ago

I get where you're coming from. Just to be clear - I don't think Disney runs its rides at "half" capacity (or anything close to it) for Genie+. As far as I can tell, most rides are operating pretty close to 100% of their operating capacity, most of the time. The few exceptions I can think of: I don't know what the theoretical hourly capacity is for Cosmic Rewind. The actual numbers I've seen top out at around 1,600/hour. Likewise, I don't think Cosmic Rewind operates at 1,600/hour every hour of every day, even though it could (and maybe should) There's a discrepancy at Jungle Cruise between what Disney has said the THRC is (~2,000/hour) and what we see (~900/hour) I wouldn't be surprised if ride downtime is 10% of daily capacity across all rides in all parks. That definitely increases standby waits.