Disney World's Genie+ pricing this week suggests new peak period price level is double that seen in 2021

Nov 22, 2022 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Tuesday November 22, 2022 8:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney began Walt Disney World's busy Thanksgiving week yesterday by introducing a hefty price hike to its Genie+ ride reservation system, which continues today.

Disney World's Genie+ remains at $29 per person today, or just over $30 with tax. This is an increase of $14 compared to the same period in 2021, or a 93% price increase.

Those guests paying the new record-high price for Genie+ should not expect to get anything extra for the price increase. Most guests can only obtain 2 to 3 Lightning Lane entrances with their $29 Genie+ purchase, the same that was possible a year ago with the $15 Genie+ purchase.

Making matters worse is that Disney has also increased the price of Individual Lightning Lane purchases for those attractions which are not included with Genie+. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is now priced at $25 per person, up from a previous high of $22.

These latest price increases to Genie+ drastically raise the cost of a day at Walt Disney World's theme parks. For example, in addition to their standard admission ticket, a family of four visiting Disney's Hollywood Studios for a day this week may be paying $116 for Genie+ and $100 to ride Rise of the Resistance. Including tax, that s $229 of Lightning Lane cost (formerly FastPass) that was included at no charge with every theme park ticket just a few years ago.

The high daily cost imposed on guests by Genie+ is very much in keeping with current strategies developed by the now-departed Bob Chapek. Instead of expanding the parks to increase capacity and revenue, the current system revolves around driving higher spending from consistent guest numbers visiting the parks, all controlled via park reservations.

Frequently praised by ex-CEO Bob Chapek and current Park's boss Josh D'Amaro, it will be interesting to see if the deeply unpopular Genie+ experience sees any changes with the return of CEO Bob Iger.

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RoadiJeff37 minutes ago

I stayed offsite in the summer of 1975 but I remember getting off the monorail when it paused at the Contemporary and I walked to the front desk to ask about room rates. I was told $55 per night, which was over twice the price of the hotel I was staying at in Kissimmee.

nickys1 hour ago

If you call and set up DAS in advance, you can ask them to book 3 rides per day.

SamusAranX1 hour ago

We just did the VIP tour. If the LL was longer then a few minutes, they took us straight to front of line.

SamusAranX1 hour ago

Ummm what? Where did you get this info? In the app if you try to make a reservation without being scanned into the park of the ride, it won’t let you. Full stop. You can’t be in HS and book in MK, nor be in your car on your way and book ToT as your first callback. Even if 3/4 are in the park, but the fourth isn’t, it still doesn’t let you unless you uncheck that person.

Laketravis2 hours ago

I'm so used to seeing pricing grids on all other sorts of resort and airline sites - whether it's a week at a time view or an entire month or two, showing prices for each day. It frustrates me that I can't browse WDW resorts in the same manner.

Dranth2 hours ago

I wanted to run it for the same days just to see what they presented me and it was the same as what you got. It would be interesting to see the code they use that determines what room types to display.

Laketravis2 hours ago

April 7-10 2024

Laketravis2 hours ago

Yup. In 1972 we paid around $28 LOL In 2005, I want to say it was less than $200 for a tower water view but it was part of our ticket package with free dining so I don't recall exactly what the rack rate was - just that the total was slightly more than $3800 for three of us (7 nights, 7 day park passes, free dining).

John park hopper2 hours ago

1977 paid 49 dollars @ CR

nickys2 hours ago

Under the Easy Access Pass there is a list of long term chronic conditions, for which you need a doctor’s letter. One of those is long term psychiatric disorder. I would think PTSD could be said to fall under that heading, but of course she would have had to have a doctor’s letter saying she is affected by one of the qualifying conditions (and have it translated into French too).

Laketravis2 hours ago

You're right, after a refresh that was for a Garden Wing 1 Bedroom Hospitality Suite - going back in it presented a Main Tower Theme Park view for $583 a night - total with tax almost $2k for three nights. Just for the room. Who is filling 80% of these rooms at those rates? I wish I understood the algorithms behind their resort searches and why I seem to get different search results at different times.

nickys2 hours ago

Is that a suite at CR? Or club level? It can’t be a regular room., surely…..Did you check what type of room it was?

Vegas Disney Fan2 hours ago

One of our friends, who is a veteran who gets DAS as a result of PTSD induced panic attacks, was denied when she last went also… didn’t meet the new criteria. The beauty of their policy is it’s all spelled out, no guesswork, no CM discretion, you either meet the criteria, and have the necessary paperwork, or you don’t. It stunk we were denied but we dealt with it and still had a great day, we just skipped a few rides and modified our day to avoid situations we knew would be problematic. My guess is a lot of the people who get DAS in the US probably fall into a similar situation, the DAS makes their day easier but isn’t absolutely necessary to enjoy the parks, a much different situation from people with issues like autism and physical disabilities that make the parks impossible to do without the pass.

PREMiERdrum2 hours ago

The CR rate displaying here is almost certainly either a Club Level Park View or maybe a suite? Rack for regular rooms at CR is typically half that.