Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane pricing reach new highs today as the busy Thanksgiving Week gets underway at Disney World

Nov 21, 2022 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Monday November 21, 2022 7:23am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane pricing hit record highs today as the parks begin the busy holiday period.

Walt Disney World's Genie+ is priced at $29 per person today - the highest price so far for access to the Lightning Lane entrances at many attractions. The previous highest Genie+ price was $22.

Individual Lightning Lane purchases have also hit new highs, with Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance climbing to $25, up from its previous high of $22.

At Disney's Animal Kingdom, AVATAR: Flight of Passage has risen to $16, up from its previous high of $14.

Disney Genie+ is a purchase option within the Disney Genie service that makes the former FastPass line available at select attractions, now called Lightning Lane. Certain headline attractions are not part of Genie+, and Lightning Lane access at those attractions requires an Individual Attraction purchase which varies in prices.

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JD8021 hours ago

I thunk resides are fine for non T1s. T1s should allow rerides after a certain time of day when G+ sales dwindle whenever that is.

Fido Chuckwagon21 hours ago

Not allowing Rerides on hard to get attractions allows more people who have purchased genie+ a chance to ride it once. Not allowing Rerides on Tier 3’s is dumb and likely due to lazy programming.

TheMaxRebo21 hours ago

No reason really to not allow rerides if availability is left At a minimum should let people rerides if still open after a certain amount of time. Like if after 4pm and rode MMRR earlier and still availability, why not? If that was a priority for people they would have selected it by then But even that shouldn't be needed - if someone is able to get more than one for SDD then the park is pretty empty that day

jpeden23 hours ago

It absolutely should be allowed. If there are not enough purchasers in the ecosystem to use all of the available inventory those who have purchased should be allowed access to that inventory instead of it just sitting there un-used which is what currently happens.

nickys23 hours ago

With drops of LLs through the day it could be possible, just like it was with FP+ Not with any certainty, but still possible. But you didn’t explain why for the first scenario….

Fido Chuckwagon23 hours ago

I meant Tier 3 in the general sense, not specific to if we go back to a pre booking system. Under the current system, if someone grabs SDD at opening, gets on it, and there is still SDD available for that evening, no, I don’t think they should be able to book it again. If we go back to prebooking the question is moot because this scenario will never happen.

nickys23 hours ago

If we really do end up going back to 3 pre-booked, and there are still LLs left for Tier 1 rides after you’ve used those, which there used to be with FP+, then I’m curious why you think we shouldn’t be able to re-ride.

Fido Chuckwagon23 hours ago

Rerides should be permitted on Tier 3 rides. You should be able to ride IASW as many times as you want to. Rerides should not be permitted for Tier 1’s.

jpeden1 day ago

Yesterday was a MVMCP night and MK is historically empty on party nights as people don’t feel like they get their “value” with no fireworks and a park close at 6 (although I’d argue you more than get your value from 7:30AM-6PM if you’re on site as in those 11.5 hours you can probably do everything you want twice and still have time left over). I would not judge G+ efficiency and quality based on yesterday’s crowds. I was there as well.

jpeden1 day ago

I do not understand the logic that re-rides aren’t possible. They were allowed under FP and FP+ and anytime I look at the LL list on G+ there are a ton of returns times available immediately or within 10 minutes of the current time. The capacity appears to be there to the average guest even if it isn’t. If I pull a LL for BTMRR or Pirates at 10AM for 10:15 and then later in the day at 3:30 I can get one for 3:40, the average guest (and rightfully so) believes that there is capacity to allow them to re-ride, but they can’t because of the way the system is set up. Under FP+ you could pick any ride once you exhausted your three pre-booked attractions and most guests still remember being able to access additional FP’s under the old system.

Splash4eva1 day ago

No way Disney is giving this away to the people who are the ones guilty of paying most of these high prices for free

nickys1 day ago

They can’t even give it to all Deluxe resort guests. So they’d have to split that category down even further.

TQQQ1 day ago

I agree.......But Universal doesnt give it to all hotel guests either..........WDW could tailor it to specific class of hotel guests

drizgirl2 days ago

Correct. Universal is a theme park company with hotels. Disney is more like a hotel company that owns theme parks.