Disney Genie+ hits record high pricing as Thanksgiving Week begins at Walt Disney World

Nov 20, 2023 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Monday November 20, 2023 6:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With the start of the busy Thanksgiving week, Genie+ pricing at Walt Disney World has risen to match record highs.

The Multi-Park and Magic Kingdom Genie+ option is $35 today, up from yesterday's $27. All the parks have seen a $8 or $9 increase over yesterday's prices, with Disney's Animal Kingdom at $25 today, Disney's Hollywood Studios at $32, and EPCOT at $28.

Today's pricing is the highest since Genie+ launched at Walt Disney World. It remains to be seen if the pricing will go higher during any periods of the upcoming holiday peak weeks, particularly the week following Christmas Day.

All Indifivudal Lightning Lane Purchases have also risen by a couple of dollars today. Avatar Flight of Passage $16, Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind $17, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train $12, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance $25, and TRON Lightycle Run $20.

Beginning June 27 2023, Disney expanded Genie+ to allow guests to select Genie+ as a single-park or multi-park option. Prices vary by park and date. The multi-park option is the most expensive and operates like the original Disney Genie+ option, allowing guests to use Genie+ at any park they visit on that day.

Disney Genie+ is a purchase option within the Disney Genie service that makes the former FastPass line available at select attractions, now called Lightning Lane. Certain headline attractions are not part of Genie+, and Lightning Lane access at those attractions requires an Individual Attraction purchase, which varies in price.

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Fido Chuckwagon9 days ago


Purduevian9 days ago

Correct, basically I'm assuming they will give 2-3 preselects and only 1 of those can be in the top "tier". Part of the issue is that with ILL, now each Tier 1 attraction is not actually the top of each park anymore. Just a guess (no inside information) Park ILL(s) Tier 1s Best of the Rest MK Tron/7D Tiana, Pan, JC, maybe Space Thunder, Pirates, HM EPCOT Guardians Remy, Frozen, maybe TT SSE, Soarin, MS DHS RotR Slinky, MMRR, maybe ToT or MFSR RnRC, TSMM, Alien AK FOP Navi, Everest, maybe Safari Dinosaur, Kali, FotLK

bwr8279 days ago

What does ‘tiers in all parks’ mean? Is that like the old system where you couldn’t preselect only the top rides?

nickys9 days ago

What had been suggested towards the end of last year included: - Some preselects (hence the 8 day cancellation change) - Tiers in all parks Earlier this year it was said the changes had been postponed to allow the DAS changes to happen first. Of course that has left plenty of time for further changes in the mean time. Edited to fill in details.

C33Mom9 days ago

Tom Bricker responded to a commenter on his blog this week to the effect of “you’ll be happy with the upcoming changes” (paraphrasing)— have any of the experts on this board predicted what will be changing and/or when it’s likely to happen? I was hoping it would be before of Feb 2024 trip and now I’m just praying it’s before our holiday trip.

Purduevian11 days ago

In the words of Rihanna "I'm friends with the monster". I am again saying for me personally the systems works very well, and I get more out of my Disney World trip. I know my experience is not that of the average park goer. So, some of us were actually worse off with the old FP system vs FP+ and even G+. If Disney chooses to change the system, I will adapt again to maximize its use within the rules.

Sirwalterraleigh11 days ago

…needs of the many…over the few

Purduevian11 days ago

I will push back on that again. The majority of people were better off with paper FP or standby only. Not "all" of us were better off under the old systems. I've broken down my days here before, and there is no way some of those could have happened in the old paper fast pass days even if all standby lines were cut significantly.

Sirwalterraleigh11 days ago

When you break out the habits/patterns that came about…especially the weaknesses exposed…we were all better off with paper fastpass So was Disney

Purduevian11 days ago

Sorry I guess we were talking about different things. I agree FP+ and G+ do not work logistically/operationally from the parks perspective. I was saying for an individual G+ and FP+ did/does work.

Sirwalterraleigh11 days ago

From a logistics/operation standpoint…neither ever worked. Bad looks all around

Purduevian11 days ago

It did work for some, just like G+ works for some. My "worst" Disney trip was in October of 2021 a few days/weeks before G+ launched and everything was standby... I don't think I would have come back if they didn't implement something I could afford.

Sirwalterraleigh12 days ago

Great…but it still didn’t work

easyrowrdw12 days ago

FP+ worked great for us. Before Covid, my kids didn't know what it was like to wait more than 20 minutes for a ride.