Disney Genie+ returns to highest price for the start of Spring Break season at Walt Disney World

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Posted: Sunday March 12, 2023 8:24am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Genie+ has returned to peak pricing of $29 today as Walt Disney World enters the busy Spring Break season.

$29 is the highest price for Genie+, which is currently the peak holiday pricing. We last saw Genie+ priced at $29 over the Presidents' Day weekend.

Disney introduced a variable pricing model for Genie+ towards the end of 2022, meaning guests only know the price of Genie+ the day of their park visit. Recently, the lowest price has been $15, reaching a peak of $29.

Disney Genie+ is a purchase option within the Disney Genie service that makes the former FastPass line available at select attractions, now called Lightning Lane. Certain headline attractions are not part of Genie+, and Lightning Lane access at those attractions requires an Individual Attraction purchase which varies in price.

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Touchdown1 day ago

Well to be fair my express pass is included in my $350-450 room I would be staying at anyways.

Purduevian1 day ago

Yes, not 100% a fair comparison as my USO day included a late start (stupid hotel check in), 2 hour Hagrids wait, an hour at Mythos, probably an hourish+ exploring the HP lands. Still even at 30 rides for $250 (you said re-rides) is ~$8 per ride. If G+ is $30, only 4 rides puts you at a better "value" of $ per ride. Both parks are super expensive, but to me G+ still gives the better "value" over express pass. However, I can totally see how someone has a different opinion than me. I will probably never visit Disney without G+ or USO without staying at a deluxe resort (no way I am forking over $700+ straight up for express for my family of 3).

Touchdown1 day ago

My typical day with EP at Universal results in at least 20 rides, great days 30. Never would get that at Disney. I also get rerides at Universal.

Purduevian1 day ago

Probably depends the person. Last time I used G+ for a full day I hit 9 Lightning lanes across 3 parks. Last time I used express pass unlimited for a full day, I used the express lane 15 times across 2 parks. Express pass was certainly easier, but honestly I would rather pay ~$30 for G+ than $200+ for Express pass. If I had the money/time (if any vloggers are reading please do this challenge) I would love to get a team together to truly test both express pass and G+ on the same day. Each park as 1 skip the line user and multiple standby users at Disney and USO. Every time skip the line person gets in a line, a standby person gets in the standby line to figure out the time saved on each ride. Skip the line user doesn't wait for the standby person, but jumps to the next line (when they can) and another standby user clocks that time. I would love to see the total time saved in a day with each system over the course of a full operating day, we all know wait time boards are very unreliable. This would give a great $/min of each system. Add "wait time" minutes whenever the G+ person is on their phone trying to book a new LL.

MrPromey3 days ago

To call that an understatement would be... British.* *apologies to Steve And Martin but I think you guys know what I mean. ;)

drizgirl3 days ago

But mostly so they could raise the price.

Touchdown3 days ago

And because too many people were buying it so the system was running out too quick.

arich353 days ago

They were doing that then stopped because they wanted to be able to raise the prices. But I do think if you are staying on resort you should be able to get Genie+ at a discount or free for X amount of days. Would make another perk for staying on site

UNCgolf5 days ago

Yeah, there's really no comparison between the Express Pass and Genie+. I'd rather pay $200 for a Disney version of Express Pass than $25 for Genie+ (although I think it would probably need to cost even more than that at WDW). Plus, all the deluxe resort guests get Express Pass included with their room.

DisneyDreamer085 days ago

Thank you! I filled out the form a few days ago and got an email this morning that all my missing photos were recovered 🙌🏼

Riviera Rita5 days ago

I booked Disneyland and included Genie+ in my booking, $15 a day if I remember correctly, so it's all sorted out before I go and no price hikes depending on what the day is. Why can't they do that for WDW? I'm not staying at a Disney resort either, I'm at a good neighbour hotel that I've stayed at before that is across the street from the park. I'm curious to know what their housekeeping is like post Covid as it was very good before it.

Riviera Rita5 days ago

https://www.disneyworld.co.uk/photopass/contact-us This is the UK site, but, this is the form you need for missing photos.

CAV5 days ago

Its 10 times better, so there's that.

Purduevian5 days ago

Prices for Saturday 3/25/23 Genie Plus: $25 Universal express Universal Studios only: $209.99 Universal express unlimited Universal Studios only: $239.99 Universal express Islands of Adventure only: $214.99 Universal express unlimited Islands of Adventure only: $244.99 Universal express Both Parks: $224.99 Universal express unlimited Both Parks: $254.99 I know the systems aren't the same... but crazy that it's over 8 times more expensive.