Disney Genie+ at Walt Disney World drops in price after the holiday season comes to an end

Jan 05, 2023 in "Disney Genie"

Posted: Thursday January 5, 2023 8:35am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

With the end of the holiday season at Walt Disney World, Disney Genie+ has dropped to its lowest price in weeks.

Guests at Walt Disney World today can get Genie+ for $20, which is around the lowest price Disney currently offers for the ride reservation service.

During the holiday season, Genie+ hit $29 per person per day.

Disney introduced a variable pricing model for Genie+ towards the end of 2022, meaning guests do not know the price of Genie+ until the day of their park visit. Recently, the lowest price has been $15, rising to a peak of $29.

Disney Genie+ is a purchase option within the Disney Genie service that makes the former FastPass line available at select attractions, now called Lightning Lane. Certain headline attractions are not part of Genie+, and Lightning Lane access at those attractions requires an Individual Attraction purchase which varies in prices.

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Purduevian8 days ago

Used the new tip to help out someone doing a ride challenge on May the Fourth. Helped her a few times: 8am Pan (park open). Booked at 7:01am 8:45am Jungle cruise. Booked at 8:01am 3:45pm TT. Booked at 1:45pm (They didn't redeem, in case one of us could score something better) 2:40pm RAT. Booked at 1:47pm I did quite a bit of refreshing for those last 2, but just shows it is possible. Does anyone have a list of when LL's drop for various attractions?

Purduevian19 days ago

Learned a new G+ tip the other day and I thought I would share. If you are refreshing looking for a better time on a single ride... Don't pull down to refresh then click the ride once you see a better time come up. Often times you will be too slow and someone else will have gotten that better time. Instead of refreshing that main page, simply click the ride on whatever time it does to move on to the confirmation screen. The time will automatically shift to the latest time available (which might be different that the tip board screen). If it is not the time you want, click back and do it again. This way if you see a time, you are holding that time as soon as you see it.

allgiggles20 days ago

I've seen many people say they don't like having to be on their phone all day. I didn't experience that. I'd book a LL, set an alarm for a few minutes before the next booking time, and then put my phone away. Lather, rinse, repeat. I don't remember spending more than about 5 (*maybe* 10) minutes on my phone every time I was scheduling another LL. My husband spent *way* more time than that on his phone and he didn't schedule *any* LLs. It was no worse than it was with FP+. And it sure beats having to walk to the ride you wanted to ride to get a FP for it or walking to a kiosk and standing in line to schedule a FP+ before you could do it on the app. I'd venture to guess that I spent more time in the FP/FP+ kiosk days walking back and forth across the parks to get the rides we wanted compared to the amount of time I was on my phone for G+. At least I can parallel process when using my phone -- doing the scheduling while eating a snack or meal or while standing in line somewhere.

GhostHost100020 days ago

Well I’ve had decent luck using it as well after learning the tricks but I spend an enormous time on my phone all day playing the game which I don’t like

allgiggles20 days ago

Didn't need fixing. I'm ok paying for it, I just don't want it to be $35/day. I felt like $15-20 was a good price. We were FP+ power users, but we had even better success with G+/ILL.

GhostHost100020 days ago

Fixed your post

allgiggles20 days ago

Oh how I wish these would be the prices when we're there next month.

DCBaker21 days ago

Here's a look at pricing for Genie+ today - the last time prices were at this level was February 25, 2024.

Splash4eva24 days ago

& to pre pay before the trip for its entirety

Fido Chuckwagon24 days ago

Lol, how I long for the days when it was $15…

capndave24 days ago

Doesn't include the more popular attractions. You have to pay even more to access the lightening lane per ride for those attractions. Total money grab! Disney is pricing themselves out of existence .

Chip ChippersonApr 15, 2024

So now that the changes to DAS have been announced, any idea on how far away we are from getting news about pre-booking G+ selections?

Disstevefan1Apr 09, 2024

I think you are right. This is the new floor. Remember how low the prices were when it started

doctornickApr 09, 2024

@tanc is talking about LL Bean's return policy that was changed a few years back.