New enhancements to the Disney Dining Plan aim to add more flexibility

Jun 01, 2015 in "Disney Dining Plan"

Beginning May 31 2015, Disney has introduced a number of enhancements to the Disney Dining Plan with the aim of increasing the flexibility and usability of the popular inclusive meal plan.

The changes apply to most Disney operated locations throughout Walt Disney World, and include an expanded range of snack offerings, more flexible substitutions, and changes to the way adult and child entitlements can be used.

Here is a run-down of the changes and how you can use them.


The snack entitlement has been updated to now include:

  • All items that are marked on the menu as snack eligible, including those that cost more than $5.
  • All single serve non-alcoholic beverages not served in a souvenir container. 
  • All ice cream novelties.
  • All hand-scooped ice cream not served in a souvenir container.
  • All quick service menu side dishes.
  • Fresh popped popcorn (pre-bagged popcorn is not available as a snack item).
  • At breakfast, the following are considered snacks:
    Cereal with milk (including Create Your Own)
    French toast sticks
    Oatmeal or quinoa (including Create Your Own)
    Side of bacon
    Side of sausage
    Side of eggs
    Side of potatoes
    Biscuits and gravy
    Hard-boiled eggs

Table Service Restaurants

  • There is no longer a restriction on the number of entitlements that can be used at a meal. Eg. A group of 2 guests on the Disney Dining Plan could use 1 additional entitlement for a guest in that party - making a total of 3 entitlements used for the group of 3 diners.
  • If using the Deluxe, Premium and Platinum Plans, child meal entitlements can be used to choose adult entrees.
  • At some locations, a dessert may be substituted for a side salad, soup or fruit plate if available.

Quick Service Restaurants

  • A dessert or beverage from the Quick Service Meal entitlement can be substituted for any snack item on the menu within the same order.
  • A Quick Service Meal can be substituted for 3 snack eligible items within the same order.
  • At Quick Service locations, child meal entitlements can be used for an adult meal.
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Article Posted: Jun 01, 2015 / 8:44am EDT