Pricing announced for the D23 Expo 2022 beginning September 9 at the Anaheim Convention Center

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Posted: Thursday January 13, 2022 2:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

D23 has today announced pricing for tickets that go on sale on January 20 2022 for the 2022 D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.

The company announced in September 2020 that the delayed 2021 D23 Expo will be held September 9 - 11 2022 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Tickets for D23 Expo 2022 presented by Visa go on sale at 12 p.m. PT on Thursday, January 20, with an exclusive presale for Visa cardholders who are also D23 Members starting on Wednesday, January 19, at 10 a.m. PT. Guests must be members of D23: The Official Disney Fan Club—either at the complimentary General Member level or at the Gold Member level—to purchase tickets. 

D23 Members who are also Visa cardholders, and who pay with their Visa, will have pre-sale access to a limited number of one-day and three-day tickets for 24 hours beginning January 19, 2022, at 10 a.m. PT, while supplies last.

D23 Gold Members will be able to purchase specially priced discounted tickets, both single-day ($89) and three-day ($229). Regularly priced single-day tickets are $99 for a one-day adult admission and $79 for children, and money-saving three-day tickets are also available. Discounted hotel and Disneyland Resort park tickets are available to all D23 Expo ticket purchasers.

This year, a limited number of Hall D23 Preferred Seating tickets (which include admission for all three days and a reserved seating section for all Hall D23 presentations) will be available exclusively to D23 Gold Members.

For more information on tickets, ticket prices, and D23 Expo, visit

The D23 Expo has become the place for significant announcements relating to the Disney theme parks worldwide, and at the last Expo in 2019, there were more than ten projects announced for Walt Disney World.

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peng4 hours ago

You know what I am going to do a best/most likely case one: Best: MK gets something new in celebration of the 100th (in addition to splash, a stitch replacement and improvements to the speedway as that is never going away), Epcot gets something else added (either a JII or seas update), more details on fantasy springs/zootopia on international parks, disneyland gets something else too (something that replaces fantasyland theater). Most likely: Reminders moana is coming, play and splash replacements get vague opening announcements, too much time is spent on target stuff/the cruise line/merch again and another upcharge thing gets sneaked by. No new rides like Destination D. I really don't see disney doing anything to get around Epic Universe, maybe a decade ago they might, but the current management is uninterested in investing in the parks.

EagleScout6107 hours ago

My predictions: 1. Splash Mountain is not mentioned, unless it's the closing date for either coast. 2. EPCOT praise (Since GOTG and Rat will both be open) 3. Dinoland/ Primeval replacement 4. New AK night show to replace WOL 5. Stitch replacement announced

JMcMahonEsq2 days ago

If we were prone to speculation (and lets face it we are on a message board) does anyone think there is a place, domestically, to place any of the proposed international expansions, like Zootoptia in Shanghai, or Frozen land from DLP? I don't see either really working in MK, but I don't have a great feel which if any of the other parks are a good fit either. I am not sure of the land scenario but I could potentially see HS as a landing spot for either, with the overall "theme" of HS being mini lands based upon their own movie worlds. TS land, GE, ect.

RSoxNo12 days ago

The state of the world over the next 8 months will swing this wildly. If I had to bet, I'd say there will be a Parks and Resorts presentation, but it very well may be a non-event presentation if things don't change in the world we live in. The other factor here is that the Expo is very close to fiscal year end. That could mean any number of things. In theory it could mean budgets are approved for the next fiscal year and increase the likelihood of announcements. If there are no new attraction announcements, I would still expect an updated EPCOT model or concept art to appear either on exhibit or as part of the presentation. This would likely showcase the World Celebration overhaul, the PLAY! Pavilion and Journey of Water. In that world, I wouldn't expect anything further. As for things that would potentially be on the table, I'd be surprised if Mary Poppins is back on the table. SSE would surprise me less, as would the Festival / Events pavilion. A Dinorama replacement would absolutely be welcome, as would an Imagination and Seas update / overhaul. I'd love to see a re-announcement of the Magic Kingdom theater as well as replacements for some of the shows in DHS.

RSoxNo12 days ago

Does anyone know how quickly the Sorcerer's pass sold out in Expo's past?

Surferboy5672 days ago

I really don’t know what their next move is going to be. It is clear though that they need something to combat Epic Universe. Surely, they will have to announce something at the expo. Once TRON, and Guardians open they have no NEW attractions in the pipeline other then Splash Mountain Refurb (which is a retheme). I can see #1 on your list being the most likely option. AK needs another major attraction. #2 is a tossup but I would like to see that happen. We will probably hear more about the overhaul as a whole. I’m not sure about any ”surprise” attractions but it would be nice and something EPCOT needs. #3 I don’t think is happening at all since we just got a major re-do of the studios. As much as I would like more new attractions it’s probably going to be a while. I want to be wrong on this though. One thing I can see happening for this park though is that Rock N Roll is announced to be re-themed. Beyond that though, I don’t see much happening here maybe something with animation courtyard but that’s a long shot. #4 I agree.

Parker410562 days ago

What's the best case scenario for the parks? Do we get any big announcements ? I think Epic Universe will force the conversation somewhat. My hopeful announcements for the Florida parks: 1) Major new addition to DAK that will include Dinoland attraction replacement project and possibly a new land with a new E-ticket, 2) EPCOT overhaul news. What becomes of the Festival Center. Updates on Moana and Play Pavilion and possibly a new surprise attraction or reimagining such as Poppins or Jouney into Imagination, 3) Hollywood studios may get an announcement about Imagination Coutyard. Maybe a East Coast Pixar Pier, Car Land, or Monsters. Also expect and update in Fantasmic 2.0. 4) Wouldn't expect much at Magic Kingdom. News on Splash refurb and new 100 year show. Wild card would be Stitch replacement and overhaul to the Motor Speedway making them electric.

DCBaker2 days ago

prberk2 days ago

Anyone remember what the admission fees were in the last three or so events? I want to compare prices, but I can’t quite remember.

SourcererMark792 days ago

*Stuff that will be completed in time for the WDW 100th. Pre order your exclusive seating for the virtual nighttime spectacular in front of the castle only by cruising on the Halcyon** **Extra fees may apply

BrianLo2 days ago

Friday in 2019 had both the Legends Panel and the D+ Panel. Saturday was Movies and Sunday was Parks. I think that's how it went at least. As a general admission (non-Gold member) without the Stage Pass luck of the draw I was somehow able to get into the back of the Legends Panel and bail a minute or two early to also make the line for the D+ panel. It depends on what you are after. Albeit this was 2019 and I really don't think we had any expectation for the D+ panel to be as big as It was. Merch would probably be less picked over on Friday, but also command longer lines since it doesn't seem like this year they are letting people in on Thursday. Saturday also sold out. I have to imagine the majority of D23 attendees are still Anaheim locals. Probably more so than an average park day.

Mouse Trap3 days ago

Ooof is that what Newsmax is still reporting?

vikescaper3 days ago

I have done Star Wars Celebration in 2017 and 2019 so I am used to how crazy they can get, especially on the weekend.

tanc3 days ago

If no Chapek then no deal for me going. I just want to hear the people boo.