Streaming LIVE Now - Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro's Destination D23 presentation

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Posted: Saturday September 9, 2023 8:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D'Amaro is this morning presenting "A Celebration of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" beginning at 9:15 a.m. ET/ 6:15 a.m. PT.

Disney says that D'Amaro will be, "sharing new announcements and updates on some of our most highly anticipated projects at Disney Parks, Experiences and Products."

Watch below for the LIVE stream of the presentation.

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aladdin200718 days ago

thank you!! love seeing that.

Henry Mystic18 days ago

So cool.

Figments Friend19 days ago

aladdin200719 days ago

great pics and coverage, do you by any chance have one of the puffin from maelstrom? I saw it in one of the prior photos kind of off to the side. just wondered if you had one of that display on its own.

TP200019 days ago

I agree. But what really needs to happen is to make an updated California version. The skylines of San Diego and Los Angeles and San Francisco have all changed dramatically in the past 25 years, for example. Time to redo this concept for both coasts; an updated California version for DCA and a more genuine World version for Epcot. That is, if they're really as dedicated to it as they say they are. Or is Josh just using more of his cheap words again with his winning smile? 🤔

Figments Friend19 days ago

As much as I would enjoy that as well, I have doubts today’s Disney would want to pay for all of those live performers. -

Figments Friend19 days ago

More photos I snapped from the Animatronics display. Some gems for sure. ‘Bubbles’ from what I am assuming was one of the two figures located at Disneyland’s version of ‘Country Bear Jamboree’. Control rack underneath the above figure of Bubbles… Each cylinder controls one movement, labeled above in a numbered sequence. Having worked with animatronic figures, this was cool to see up close. Pneumatic hand mechs from the late 1980s / early 1990s Would love to know if these were used for specific figures or if these are just working test models. Shedding a tear here…. On the left is what is left of WDW’s Auctioneer Pirate from PoTC. On the right is a more modern head mech prototype built for Shanghai’s Davy Jones in the same Attraction.

aladdin200719 days ago

would have been great if that show could have been moved to AK as an attraction, festival of the lion king or no festival of the lion king....this one would have been really nice to still see going.

Figments Friend19 days ago

Here are some more photos I snapped when visiting the 60 Years of Innovation display at the event, which focused on the history of WED / WDI Animatronic technology. Small room with a small selection of exhibits, but what was there I was very glad to have the opportunity to see up close and personal. As a big animatronics fan, this was one of three things I really wanted to experience.

Figments Friend19 days ago

This, 100%. If not a film focused on America, then perhaps another ‘Around The World’ effort but not so CGI enhanced. Just show the beautiful views from around the world…and make it exclusive to Epcot. Would be nice. ‘Soarin’ Over California’ needs to be brought back to DCA and stay there. Fits perfectly, and it’s the better of the two films. I get that ‘Around The World’ fits the Epcot theme better, so I can understand it being placed there. It needs a refresh however…perhaps after they finally finish the central hub behind Spaceship Earth. They need to reshoot that ending anyway since the scene in the film is now somewhat dated. -

Figments Friend19 days ago

Unpacking now from an eventful visit…and realized I forgot to include this when I was sharing photos of all the free swag they gave out to attendees during the event. This special issue of the official D23 magazine…with a sparkly, iridescent cover. I think it was mentioned this was exclusive for the Event…but so much was going on in my head I can’t recall the exact details. Pretty cool giveaway however. Looks even better in person with the color shifting accents!

FigmentFan8219 days ago

He literally looks like a muppet in that picture. I think you can even see a bit of Iger's hand

KikoKea19 days ago

Ignoring neglected maintenance needs always comes back to bite them. Bad show, indeed!

TP200019 days ago

I doubt Josh even knows that it changed. Or that it may look weird to 2024 paying audiences. Josh is merely a Pepsodent Smile in an empty suit at this point, and he apparently knows very little about the Parks. You are right, Soarin' Over California doesn't really make sense at EPCOT. But then, California is really the only state where you could do this sort of film and get that huge range of geography and topography and climate and icons, from man made to God made, all in one state. With maybe a lesser version available for the other West Coast states of Oregon or Washington. But anywhere east of the Rockies isn't going to be able to offer anything close to that while staying within the same state. And Soarin' Over Florida would just be a short film of pancake-flat views that look far less impressive from the air than they do from the ground. Until Disney/WDI actually does a full Soarin' Over America, the next best thing is Soarin' Over California. And I say that as a long-term Californian who had to abandon that state last year because it's become so unbearable to live in. Disney needs to step up, spend some of the cash they've been wasting on their giant box office flops all year, and film a new Soarin' Over America film for both Epcot and DCA. A Soarin' film of the USA would be accepted wildly and willingly by the paying audiences in both parks, I am sure.