Walt Disney World's Buildings

Cinderella Castle
October 1998: Cinderella Castle can now be illuminated in 16 million colors, providing even more magic during "Fantasy in the Sky" fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. The castle's new computer-controlled light system creates visual excitement with 60 color changes synchronized to the evening's fireworks show. As the park closes, guests can view the ever-changing lights as they complete a loop of dramatic colors.

Hotel Rooms on WDW Property
All-Star Music - 1,920
All-Star Sport - 1,920
Beach Club Resort - 580
Caribbean Beach Resort - 2,112
Contemporary Resort - 1,053
Dixie Landings Resort - 2,048
Fort Wilderness Trailer Homes - 407
Grand Floridian Beach Resort - 897
Old Key West Resort - 500
Polynesian Resort - 855
Port Orleans Resort - 1,008
The Villas at the Disney Institute - 585
Wilderness Lodge - 728
Yacht Club Resort - 635
Total 15,248

Non-Disney Operated Hotel Rooms
Buena Vista Palace -1,028
Courtyard by Marriott - 383
Double Tree Suite Resort - 229
Grosvenor Resort - 614
Hilton Inn - 814
Royal Plaza - 396
Shades of Green -288
Travelodge - 325
WDW Dolphin - 1,514
WDW Swan - 758
Total 6,349

Heights of Buildings
Big Thunder Mountain - 197 feet
Campanile (Italy Showcase Bell Tower) - 83 feet
Cinderella Castle - 189 feet
Earffel Tower - 130 feet
Expedition Everest - 199 feet
Mount Mayday (Typhoon Lagoon) - 95 feet
Space Mountain - 183 feet
Space Ship Earth - 180 feet (excluding wand)
Splash Mountain - 87 feet
Tower of Terror - 199 feet
Wonders of Life DNA Tower - 75 feet
Wonders of Life Dome - 65 feet

If Spaceship Earth were a golf ball, the club would be:
A 43 inch driver would be .8 miles high
A 35 inch putter would be .65 miles high

DOLPHINS, Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort
The heroic dolphins topping the Walt Disney World Dolphin weigh 68,000 pounds each. The art design and construction of the dolphins was done by WALT DISNEY WORLD Central Shops.

"EARFFEL TOWER" (Disney's Hollywood Studios Water Tower)
Tower height: 130 feet [ 39.62 meters ]
Weight of tower top: 32,000 lbs. [ 14,514.94 kilos
Weight of each ear: 5,000 lbs. [ 2,267.96 kilos ]
Diameter of ear cap: 28.5 feet [ 8.96 meters ]
Hat size: 342 3/8
NOTE: The tower is not designed to hold water.

Resort Architects

- Robert A.M. Stern, Architects. Designed to reflect the architectural styles found in the theme parks.

CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT - Fugleberg Koch Architects, Winter Park Florida. Designed in the style of Caribbean island bungalows.

CONTEMPORARY RESORT - Welton Becket & Associates. Designed in a futuristic, modular style themed to American vacations.

GRAND FLORIDIAN BEACH RESORT - Wimberly, Whisenand, Allison, Tong, & Goo of Newport Beach, CA. The style is reminiscent of the Victorian era with a strong Key West/Caribbean influence.

POLYNESIAN RESORT - Welton Becket & Associates, Santa Monica, California. Designed with a South Pacific theme.

SWAN and DOLPHIN RESORTS - Michael Graves designed the hotels with the theme "entertainment architecture."

TEAM DISNEY BUILDING - Arata Isozaki and Associates, Tokyo, designed the building as a contemplation of time and space.

WILDERNESS LODGE - Peter Dominick Jr. of Urban Design Group and DDC. The lodge is based on the romantic visions of the early west and an interpretation of the National Park Service lodges created under the direction of Stephen Mather from 1904-1924 and inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.

YACHT & BEACH CLUB RESORTS - Robert A.M. Stern. The Yacht Club is themed to a late 1800, New England seaside resort. The Beach Club is themed to 1860 and 1870's seaside wooden cottages.

MIRRORS on the Universe of Energy
There were 149,000 mirrors originally glued to the exterior walls at the Universe of Energy.

Cast Members

Disneyland - 8,000
Disneyland Paris - 14,000
Disney's Hollywood Studios - 2,800 to 4,500
Epcot - 5,000 to 7,000
Magic Kingdom - 6,000 to 8,000
Pleasure Island - 300
WDW Property-wide - 65,000
Tokyo Disneyland - 6,000
Typhoon Lagoon - 380

Number of Audio-Animatronics

Norway 21
Mexico 29
The American Adventure 35
Wonders of Life 1
Universe of Energy 36
Space Ship Earth 65
The Living Seas 1
The Land 64
Journey into Imagination 26
Horizons 54

Dinosaurs at Universe of Energy
Giant "dragon fly"


This balloon is a blend of all three Disney Landmark Castles (Disneyland, WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort, and Euro Disney Resort)
The balloon has interchangeable cloud banners for each park.
Height: 145 feet

EAR FORCE ONE, Mickey Mouse Hot-Air Balloon
100 feet high
Ears = 35 feet in diameter
Nose = 33 feet long
Head = 168.3 feet around
Weighs 330 pounds uninflated and without basket
Manufactured by Cameron Balloons, Ltd., Bristol, England


Bay Lake: 12 feet
Living Seas Tank: 27 feet
Seven Seas Lagoon: 14 feet
World Showcase Lagoon: 15 feet

World Showcase Lagoon - Approx. 133 million gallons [ 503.44 million liters ]
Typhoon Lagoon's Wave Pool - Approx. 2.75 million gallons
Stormalong Bay at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club - Approx. 750,000 gallons

Water Bridge
The bridge linking the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake is 14'5" [ 4.40 meters ] above the road below.

The WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort boasts the fifth largest navy in the world with over 750 watercraft.

Circumference of World Showcase Lagoon
One and a quarter mile (1.24 mi.) [ 2 kilometers ]

Walt Disney World's Costuming department has 2 1/2 million garments (pieces).

The only true hologram on WDW property is the "Equation Fish" seen at the beginning of the Dreamport scene in Journey into Imagination. This holographic image of letters & numbers measures 42" by 60" and combines real and virtual image holography. Based on film size, it is the largest hologram in the world.

Lawn Types at WDW
Zoysia japonica x (cross) tenuifolia "Emerald"

Amount of Laundry
69 tons(238,000 pounds) per day
1,000,000 pounds per week
32,000 costumes per day

Energy Consumption at WDW
The average daily consumption is of 60 to 62 megawatts.

Orlando, Florida, USA.
Latitude 28.33; Longitude 81.21

Logo, Epcot
The logo symbolizes unity, fellowship and harmony around the world. The five outer rings are linked to form the shape of a flower - a celebration of life. The heart of the logo represents the Earth embraced by a star symbolizing hope - the hope that with imagination, commitment and dedication we can create a better tomorrow.

Monorails, Mark IV
Capacity: 204 guests (5-car monorail)
244 guests (6-car monorail)
300-372 guests (Mark VI 6-car monorail)
Beam Length, total: 15 miles (79,200 feet) [ 24.14 kilometers (24,146.26 meters) ] Monorail Length: 171 feet (five-car train)
201 feet (six-car train)
Monorail Speed: 40 miles [ 64.37 km. ] per hour maximum
Monorail Weight: 50 tons (empty six-car train)
Number of Monorails: 14 (1 five-car train, 9 old six-car trains and 4 Mark VI six-car trains)

Parking Spaces
Epcot = 11,391
Magic Kingdom = 12,156
Disney-MGM Studios = 6,500
Typhoon Lagoon = 692
Pleasure Island = 1,800

Radio Frequencies for WDW Information
Magic Kingdom - incoming guests = AM 1030
Magic Kingdom - outgoing guests = AM 1200
Epcot - incoming guests = AM 850
Epcot - outgoing guests = AM 910

There are over 8,000 recipes on file throughout the WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort. The most requested of these are available in "Cooking with Mickey around Our World."

Former private aircraft landing area on World Drive (located to the right just past the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza). STOL stands for "Short Take Off & Landing."

Vista-United Telecommunications is a partnership between Vista Communications Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, and United Telephone. 51% is owned by Walt Disney Productions, providing the capital. The remaining 49% is owned by United Telephone, which provides the technology. Currently Vista United provides service, installation, and maintenance for over 18,000 phones on property.

The WorldKey Information Service is an experimental interactive information retrieval system; one of the first to combine audio, text, data and video in an integrated and centrally controlled network. It makes use of the latest information age technologies: microprocessor- controlled laser videodisks, computer software and data banks, computer generated graphics, and a glass fiber optics lightwave transmission system.