runDisney announces the return of races to Walt Disney World

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Posted: Wednesday June 30, 2021 11:31am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

runDisney races will return to Walt Disney World Resort this fall, kicking off the runDisney 2021-2022 race season with four events.

Familiar runDisney enhancements will return, including special entertainment along the course and running through the theme parks. Disney has said that depending on conditions at the time, runDisney may implement health and safety measures, such as face coverings, physical distancing and other requirements if they are deemed appropriate.

The line up for the 2021-2022 season is:

  • Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend powered by AfterShokz: November 4-7, 2021
    The theme, Wickedly Delicious, celebrates favorite Disney villains, and the weekend will include a 5K, 10K, half marathon, and Disney Two Course Challenge (both the 10K and the half marathon). The Post-Race Party will cap off the weekend so runners can celebrate their accomplishments with family and friends at EPCOT with exclusive, after-hours access to the park and the International Food & Wine Festival.

  • Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend: January 5-9, 2022
    Celebrating the Most Magical Celebration on Earth for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World

  • Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: February 24-27, 2022

  • runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend presented by Otterbox: March 31-April 3, 2022

New additions to Disney's races at Walt Disney World include:

  • runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend: Each race season, the fourth weekend will be the runDisney Springtime Surprise Weekend that will include different race themes and distances each year.

  • Disney Princess Sunrise Yoga: On the first morning of the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, runDisney will host Disney Princess Sunrise Yoga in front of Cinderella Castle, before the theme park opens.

  • Virtual Races: All runDisney races will have a virtual race option, allowing runDisney fans across the country to participate in your favorite races, even if you can’t make it to Walt Disney World to run in person. Runners will be encouraged to run on the same morning of the on-site events, and will receive the same finisher medals.

  • Just for Kids: The runDisney Kids Races during each event weekend will become runDisney Kids Adventures, focused on health, fitness, and fun for kids

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pdude817 hours ago

Surprised here. I would have though Dopey would sell out before the half, and the 10k before either of them. Nothing makes sense in Covid time

Greenlawler8 hours ago

About what time did the 10k sell out? I kept checking until like 1:00 EST. I was away from the internet from 1-4 and saw that it had sold out sometime between those hours.

RunningKoen11 hours ago

Well, I can drive you to the airport. Swissmiss might be slighty off the normal route, but compared the USA, still nearby. Roadtrip it is! 😂

Swissmiss12 hours ago

Yes! Having just driven the 550ish kms home, I’m taking the train!

LAKid5313 hours ago

Okay, you're driving when we all come over next year. Right, @Swissmiss?

LAKid5313 hours ago

No, you're not wrong. Sadly.

Edward Jackson13 hours ago

Only if you plan on running the race you signed up for.

RunningKoen13 hours ago

Definitely. Saving up my money and planning options for that. Buying a new BMW doesnt go well with runDisney plans.

pdude8114 hours ago

Wait, we were supposed to start training already? Uh oh

Edward Jackson14 hours ago

Well I am glad you got in and registered and I did also. Now to keep training. It is amazing how fast the 5 months will go.

DznyGrlSD14 hours ago

Yikes on bikes. I've seen a LOT of international registration posts today. With the current state of Florida I HIGHLY doubt international travel will be back by January. I HOPE I'm wrong but they're taking a $$ risk.

pdude8114 hours ago

Kind of. It seems that some people wait to do a registration on each browser for different races rather than just finish one registration and then stay on the runDisney page to register for others. It can be confusing as it doesn't dump you right out there, but once you're allowed through to the main site you can stay on it. For sure though a lot of those extra sessions were getting closed out cause the numbers were dropping fast early on.

Demarke14 hours ago

Haha! I’m sure I’m the first to come up with the strategy 😉 Since it’s apparent that the queue doesn’t switch to FIFO until registration opens at 10AM (no one gets through to actually register before then as the circles spin for everybody til 10 when they give the wait time estimate), why not give yourself more chances at the queue placement lottery? It doesn’t end up actually impacting anyone’s true wait time because, as people get through, everyone’s 45-60 minute estimate drops to 10ish minutes pretty rapidly as people close their additional browsers.

Edward Jackson15 hours ago

So that is why none of us could get in earlier. :D (just kidding)